Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Mini Review: Lucky And The Drowned Debutante (The Carriage House Capers #5) by: Emmy Grace

Release Date: November 6, 2019
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Source: I received a complementary copy of this book from the author and voluntarily provided a fair and honest review.
"**Lucky Boucher never has to go looking for trouble. Trouble finds her just fine on its own.**

What do a turkey, a maze, and an inflatable flotation suit have in common?

As usual, just one thing. Me, Lucky Boucher.

It’s a standard Monday, and in my life that means I’m performing a product test that would make most people faint and stumbling upon a dead body in the process. In fact, I float right over it.

Dahlia Hayes is the fiancĂ©e of a notorious arms dealer, and now she’s toe up in the biggest lake in town. If that weren’t bad enough, she has past ties to Liam. He’s the grouchy ex FBI agent who has become my sidekick. That or I’ve become his. Some days, I can’t tell which. However, for the first time since we started solving crimes together, Liam and I find ourselves on opposite sides of the proverbial fence. Getting to the bottom of this murder is going to be tricky.

Things are heating up fast here in Salty Springs. I’m just not sure which is running higher in the case of the drowned debutante—the stakes or the tension. There’s only one way to find out, though—jump right in.

And I’m just the girl to do a cannonball into the middle of it.

**Each story can be read as a stand-alone, so feel free to dive in anywhere**"

My Thoughts:

This series has continually delivered and once again I was hooked by this story. What I love about these books is how they are just so easy to devour. They are quick and fun reads that deliver in every single way. Lucky truly is a great heroine. She is a ton of fun and nothing ever gets her down. She is tenacious and a fighter and nothing ever keeps her down for long. And I still absolutely love Liam. He is a grumpy guy with a heart of gold. And the way these two play off one another is just so much fun. Their banter is amazing and I love that even as their relationship has progressed, they still haven’t lost that back and forth. I also really love Regina and how she’s such a great friend to Lucky. Everyone needs a BFF like that. In this story, Lucky once again finds herself tangled up in a murder mystery, but this time it seems like Liam is tied up in it too. Naturally, Lucky will not stand for that and is on the case. Along the way she gets herself into a few mishaps but she’s not named Lucky for nothing. I loved following Lucky as she solved the case. I just really love that these books are such a great escape from the real world. These books just continue to get better and better and this may be the best one yet.


  1. Oh, I love a grumpy hero with a good heart! They're all hard on the outside and melty soft on the inside! I'll have to check this series out. :)

  2. I have to say your amazing reviews on this series and the adorable covers seriously have me regretting the fact that I'm not able to buy any books this year haha. Hope the great books keep coming.

    Sharrice @Reese's Reviews

  3. This sounds like such a fun series, and Lucky and Liam both sounds like great characters that play off of each other so well! Wonderful Review Teresa :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  4. Is the whole series out already? You seem to be plowing through these! I have such mad love for the covers as they have such cute little animals on them. Glad this one delivered for you and that you enjoyed it so very much! Thank you for another great review.

    Sharrice @Reese's Reviews

  5. This sounds wonderful! I love it when you can really lose yourself in a series for a bit and this one sounds great.


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