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87 Thoughts I Had While Re-Reading Tower Of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas

Release Date: September 5, 2017
from Bloomsbury USA Childrens
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"Chaol Westfall has always defined himself by his unwavering loyalty, his strength, and his position as the Captain of the Guard. But all of that has changed since the glass castle shattered, since his men were slaughtered, since the King of Adarlan spared him from a killing blow, but left his body broken.

His only shot at recovery lies with the legendary healers of the Torre Cesme in Antica-the stronghold of the southern continent's mighty empire. And with war looming over Dorian and Aelin back home, their survival might lie with Chaol and Nesryn convincing its rulers to ally with them.

But what they discover in Antica will change them both-and be more vital to saving Erilea than they could have imagined."

My Thoughts:

1. Spoilers for the series.
2. Alright Chaol, I’m ready for you.
3. I know a lot of people were super pissed when Chaol was cut from Empire Of Storms, but for me, I think it was necessary. That book is already so long and Chaol’s story is super removed from what the rest of them were doing. Plus, I really think it worked out well this way because Chaol and Yrene and Nesryn’s story was so expansive and it really needed its own book.
4. Chaol has so much to work through.
5. Forever grateful for this book because Nesryn got her chance to shine and to go home and also because I needed this book to make up with Chaol fully AND CAUSE SARTAQ.
6. But most importantly… YRENE. OH HOW I LOVE YRENE.
7. All of these people annoy me so much playing their power games when Dorian and Aelin are legit trying to save the world from utter destruction.
8. Everyone wants to paint Aelin as a villain so badly and there she is ready to give her life for all these worthless assholes.
9. I dislike Hasar immensely.
10. YRENE! I remember I was so excited when I first heard she was coming back and she was just such a delight and fantastic.
11. And it warms my heart that she has kept that note from Aelin this whole time.
12. Yrene is harsh on Chaol in this first meeting, but it’s also like, well, maybe you know how Aelin felt when he dumped all that blame on Aelin for things that were not her fault.
13. The sass on Yrene! I love to imagine her and Aelin getting on splendidly at events and what not.
14. Sartaq is such a Nesryn fan boy.
15. Kashin and his territorial BS over someone who has told him she doesn’t welcome his advances is some serious nonsense.
16. Hasar is just the worst friend.
17. I love Yrene noting that Chaol is more than capable even with his injury.
18. I just… I love Yrene so much and I’m forever grateful she got to come back and shine and I loved that she brought another strong dynamic woman into this already strong cast of women.
19. It always kills me when Yrene talks about Aelin to Chaol and Chaol doesn’t know its Aelin.
20. Yrene not taking Chaol’s shit and I am here for it.
21. Love my fluffy big bird Kadara.
22. Nesryn defending Aelin! Women supporting women for the win.
23. Don’t worry Chaol… Aelin is working on those armies.
24. Chaol thinking “Aelin would have been beside herself with glee” as he is watching Yrene teach the girls self-defense is just SO FITTING being that Aelin taught Yrene.
25. Kashin is so annoying and does not take a hint.
26. “The heart he’d offered and had been left to drop on the wooden planks of the river docks” – look I am firmly in the Rowan and Aelin camp but this line hurts me inside.
27. The fact that healers were so targeted really should have tipped us off.
28. Hasar annoys me every time she shows up.
29. And it’s really shitty of Hasar to ask Yrene to spy on her patient.
30. AND SUCH A BITCH for threatening to keep Yrene from leaving.  I dislike her immensely.
31. Chaol and Nesryn slowly breaking up is sad but also feels right and I love how they are both so mature about the situation and realize that what they had wasn’t there anymore.
32. I hate Hasar. A thing I shall keep repeating.
33. I think some of it is that she’s just such a typical spoiled princess in many ways and then we have our other princesses fighting and bleeding for their countries and here Hasar is playing stupid games.
34. Chaol telling Yrene that Aelin will be in Skulls Bay thinking it’s the last place she will be but it’s actually exactly where she’s going is just SUCH a Chaol move.
35. Gods the amount of information this book reveals is unreal.
36. That moment when Celaena snapped on Chaol really dug in deep to wounds he already had.
37. I love that Nesryn gets to go have her own adventure.
38. Lololol, yes Aelin does love throwing her many names around.
39. Sartaq is Nesryn’s biggest fan and it amuses me greatly.
40. Nesryn has Aelin pegged in so many ways and sees how she really does keep herself in check and how she does actually plan and I love it. That someone can really see who Aelin is when idiots like Aedion (who should know her) don’t is just so great.
41. And yes I am complaining about Aedion in a book he isn’t in because I’m never gonna forgive him for how he treated the perfection and gift that is Lysandra.
42. Ahh Borte. My girl. Love her.
43. HEY THERE LYSANDRA’S UNCLE. This was so awesome. Falcon, a random character, who spent like 5 seconds in a novella, pops back in to be prettttty important.
44. I will never get over that Sartaq is basically a fan boy who took his chance with his fave celebrity and succeeded.
45. Only a great warrior can kill the spiders--- THAT’S RIGHT MY CINNAMON ROLL DORIAN IS GREAT.
46. Hate spiders hate spiders HATE spiders.
47. Good boy Falcon.
48. “I’m no assassin… I’ve met a few” LOLOL.
49. I literally cannot stand Hasar and her bullshit.
50. I cannot STAND these siblings trying to frame Aelin as a villain and a conqueror because it’s all a fucking game to them.
52. Borte is such a Queen.
53. I get that the Khagan is grieving, but he is being purposely obstinate and is unwilling to look beyond his own safe land.
54. “Get up.”
55. That poor baby hatchling breaks my heart.
56. Like what kind of shitty person does it take to purposely give Chaol a difficult horse when he is healing from a major injury.
57. Also, Hasar throwing a party for Yrene and not inviting a single friend of Yrene’s just says everything about her.
58. I just think Hasar provides a nice contrast to Aelin… because Hasar has never known real hardship and gets to act on her every whim and then you have Aelin struggling and hiding and spending her youth figuring out a way to save the world.
59. Chaol dropping the Rowan bomb is my favorite.
60. Also love that these idiots are realizing Aelin is surrounded by legendary warriors.
61. Hasar is such a bitch. She purposely makes her “friend” uncomfortable.
62. I very much enjoy when Yrene pushes Hasar into the pool. She deserved it 100%. With all the bullshit and then mocking Chaol’s wheelchair.
63. “Aelin frightens everyone… but not him. I think that’s why she fell in love with him, against her best intentions. Rowan beheld all Aelin was and is and he was not afraid.”
64. The birthday gift Chaol gets Yrene is perfect.
65. It makes me so happy that Chaol found himself again.
66. Gahhh Yrene telling the story of Celaena is so perfect.
67. Man Chaol you owe Aelin so much.
68. These damn spiders are so horrible but man are they full of useful information.
70. “Ripped into their minds” this is so friggin similar to Rhys’ power.
71. Falcon looking for Lysandra… Nesryn knowing Lysandra… GAHHHHHH.
72. It’s always crazy to me that this book was so integral to the overall story.
73. Poor Chaol being dragged through these memories.
74. Hasar gleefully giving the news of Maeve attacking Aelin is just UGH.
75. The valg hiding in Duva was so sneaky.
76. Can’t wait for Yrene to kill Erawan.
77. Hafiza is such a badass.
78. Chaol launching in front of Yrene *sobs*.
79. “Get up.”
80. I love the resolution of Chaol’s injury and the cost to save him.
81. *eeeeeeep* I love Sartaq and Nesryn.
82. My Nesryn gonna be an Empress.
83. Sarah is the QUEEN of secret weddings!
84. And Chaol finally puts it all together… that Aelin saved Yrene.
85. “A gift from a Queen who had seen another woman in hell and thought to reach back a hand, with no thought of it ever being returned, a moment of kindness, a tug on a thread.”
86. Aelin’s kindness is so important… always.

Wrap Up:
I seriously love this book and I love how integral it all is. I love that we got to see Chaol heal and that we got to catch up with Yrene. And I just adore Sartaq and Nesryn. It’s just such a good book.

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  1. I haven't read this series, but it sure sounds like an addictive page turner!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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