Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Book Review: Girl On A String by: Leah Montgomery

Release Date: July 10, 2019
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Source: I received a complementary copy of this book from the author and voluntarily provided a fair and honest review.

"Keeping up with the perfect life isn’t easy, and Emma Kramer Sterling has the perfect life. She has wealth, status, and a husband that's the envy of every woman. Sure, she has to self-medicate occasionally, but who in her circle doesn’t?

But Emma’s life isn’t nearly as perfect as she thought. In fact, it’s a house of cards, and it’s getting ready to come tumbling down.

A frightened woman in need of help shows up at Emma’s door. Emma leaves the room and, when she returns, the woman and her child are gone. There is no evidence that they were there, but Emma knows what she saw. Doesn’t she?

She might’ve been able to convince her friends and family, and even herself, of the truth if that had been the only incident. But it wasn’t. It was only the first.

In a few short weeks, Emma goes from belle of the ball to social outcast. Everyone in her life thinks she’s crazy. And they might not be wrong. The Kramers have a secret after all, and Emma could be following in her grandmother’s footsteps.

Murder was never part of the deal before.

But it is now."

My Thoughts:

Leah Montgomery delivers a wonderful debut with Girl On A String. This is a story of a woman who has had her entire life controlled and what finally happens when she no longer wants to be controlled. It’s addictive and engaging and nearly impossible to put down.

My absolute favorite thing about this book is Emma and how unreliable she is as a narrator. I adore her but as a narrator you can’t trust everything and I love that and I find it so fascinating. I love books with unreliable narrators and Leah Montgomery absolutely nails it. It’s so well done and you feel as if you are experiencing everything right alongside Emma. I also just loved her journey. She is so much more than the front she puts up and I think she’s fantastic.

This book delivered so many twists and turns. I thought I had it pegged. I thought I knew what was going on and oh man was I so wrong and I was taken so off guard. But once everything came to light it just all clicked into place and was awesome.

All in all, Girl On A String is an amazing read and an engaging and addictive psychological thriller. This book gets in your head and under your skin in the best way. I highly recommend.


  1. I love it when I get an unreliable narrator and a story is full of so many twists and turns! Most of all, I love the this story was so un predictable and managed to surprise you! Wonderful Review Teresa!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  2. This sounds super interesting. I've never heard of it. Thank you for sharing this review. Not sure if this one if for me but this is a fabulous review.

    Sharrice @Reese's Reviews


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