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141 Thoughts I Had While Re-Reading Queen Of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

Release Date: September 1, 2015
from Bloomsbury USA Childrens
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"The Queen has returned.

Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. But she’s at last returned to the empire—for vengeance, to rescue her once-glorious kingdom, and to confront the shadows of her past…

She has embraced her identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen. But before she can reclaim her throne, she must fight.

She will fight for her cousin, a warrior prepared to die for her. She will fight for her friend, a young man trapped in an unspeakable prison. And she will fight for her people, enslaved to a brutal king and awaiting their lost queen’s triumphant return.

The fourth volume in the New York Times bestselling series continues Celaena’s epic journey and builds to a passionate, agonizing crescendo that might just shatter her world."

My Thoughts:

1. Spoilers for the entire series incoming.
2. This one has always been my favorite since it released… but I loved Kingdom Of Ash a whole damn lot, so I’m curious to see if this will still remain my favorite… I think it will… I do love this book oh so much.
3.Oh no Dorian. My poor sweet Dorian.
4. Ugh Chaol is so not smart thinking he can work with Arobynn.
5. Arobynn is a manipulative bastard.
6. Fire Breathing Bitch Queen.
7. Aelin still cares so much for Aedion.
8. Arobynn is a textbook abuser.
9. I just LOVE all of Aelin’s planning in this book. It’s epic.
10. “Accidentally run into her knives” bwahahahaha.
11. I love how Aelin just forever pops up next to Chaol this entire book. Amuses me greatly.
12. “Playing with magic” “Faerie prince” how dare he blame Aelin for what the King is doing.
13. OH YEAH CHAOL, CAUSE SHE WAS HAVING A PARTY… I’m sorry, if we compare what you went through with what Aelin went through… you do not win that battle ya baby.
14. And he is still withholding information cause she’s “unpredictable”. *rolls eyes*
15. This is where I get REALLLLLLY aggravated with Chaol… because after everything he STILL doesn’t trust Aelin. And why? Because she broke up with him? Because he sent her away and then while she was gone (TO THE PLACE HE SENT HER) everything went to hell? And you know what? She deserves to be angry and deserves revenge. But she still comes back and still helps. And it forever pisses me off that Chaol treats her time away as a vacation and not the agony it was. Probably why I was okay with Chaol being absent from Empire of Storms. Because even though he comes around at the end here, I still needed a break from him. Plus it worked out nicely cause Tower of Dawn is amazeballs.
17. This is why Rowan was so important. Because he never judged Aelin for the things she had to do to survive. Chaol is too righteous for his own good sometimes and he didn’t suffer as so many others did with his upbringing and in so many other ways.
18. “But she was her own champion now.”
19. Look I just will not stand for slander against my Fire Breathing Bitch Queen.
20. Oh hey Manon.
21. I love the expansion of the cast and addition of Manon and Elide etc… but I will admit that I miss Aelin when I’m away from her.
22. Ohh poor Kaltain.
23. Asterin has this place and all its problems pegged.
24. I love that Abraxos likes to just fall off the side of the tower for funsies.
26. Fair warning… Lysandra is my favorite and I shall fangirl all over her for the rest of the series.
27. And little Evangeline!
28. Wesley was so good and poor Lysandra.
29. And here Aelin learns from her mistakes once again. Recognizes that everyone wears masks.
30. Chaol is having a super-secret meeting… so naturally here comes Aelin.
32. Chaol just wants so badly to villainize her and make it easier on him and that’s just not the case and not fair to Aelin.
33. I miss Rowan too Aelin.
34. Ughhhhhhhh Vernon and Perrington are the worst.
35. Poor Asterin.
36. ELIDE!!!
37. I miss Rowan. IDK what I would have done had he actually stayed away like Aelin told him to.
38. Cant. Wait. For. Arobynn. To. Die.
39. “You and I are nothing but wild beasts in human skins.”
40. I adore Lysandra and Aelin’s friendship.
41. Aelin popping in on Chaol’s plans once again. Love it.
42. Chaol is such a bastard in this book.
43. I get why Chaol is upset over Dorian but Aelin is right… at this point we have no way to bring Dorian back, it doesn’t seem possible… and leaving him stuck with that valg is cruel.
44. This plan to save Aedion is frickin genius.
45. “And Aedion grinned at his Queen as the entire world went to hell.”
46. Dorian *sobs*
47. Lysandra is such a badass.
48. Go away Chaol.
49. I adore Elide. She is such a quiet strong and I think she’s fabulous.
50. Manon and Abraxos are so great together.
51. Poor Manon. She is stuck in such a rough place.
52. These Dorian chapters KILL ME.
53. Chaol is the worst in this book. Every time I read it I’m astounded by how much I want to strangle him.
54. He literally blames Aelin for everything.
55. Love Nesryn. She’s so smart and such a voice of reason.
56. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself” PREACH NESRYN.
57. This Aelin and Aedion reunion is everything.
58. And here she is leaving breadcrumbs for Ansel.
59. Aelin is so oblivious to the legend that is Rowan lmao.
60. Aedion really thought he was going to be able to steer Aelin to what he thought was right but Aelin has her own mind.
61. AGAIN CHAOL BLAMES AELIN FOR THINGS THAT AREN’T HER FAULT. She didn’t make the King burn down the shadow market.
62. He’s just so aggravating right now. And it hurts me because deep down I love him and I need him to STOP IT.
63. “The Pirate Lord of Skulls Bay gave that to me after I trashed his entire city, freed his slaves, and looked damn good while doing it.”
66. And this reunion *sobs*
67. Aedion is such a brat when he finds out about Rowan’s blood oath.
68. Honestly I have almost no patience for Aedion this time around, probably because post Kingdom Of Ash Teresa is still angry with him.
69. Rowannnn. My poor Rowan didn’t do well without Aelin.
70. “She’s off limits” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
71. “Not a monster, not for what she’d done, not for her power, not when Rowan was there. She'd thank the gods every damn day for the small mercy of giving her a friend who was her match, her equal, and who would never look at her with horror in his eyes.”
72. Gods. Poor Kaltain. They destroyed that poor girl.
73. Elide is so damn smart and I love her.
74. And Rowan just easily won that dominance battle.
75. Lysandra immediately knew what was going on with Aelin and Rowan. Honestly everyone other than those two could tell.
76. I love that Aelin opens up and plays music again with Rowan.
77. Oh hey there Lorcan. Man he really does like a 180 by the end of this series.
78. I love Rowan just dropping truth bombs this entire book. Before oh hey Gavriel is your Dad Aedion and now oh Lysandra you’re a shape shifter.
79. Gods, Lysandra’s history is horrible.
80. Aelin is so damn smart in this book. All those times she was outmaneuvered she learned from and applied it here.
81. Sammmmmmmmm *sobs*
82. Elide is great. Things terrify her and yet she does not let that fear stop her.
83. Awwww poor Roland.
86. ROWAN IS SUCH A COCKY BASTARD, wearing that same oil as Aelin to annoy Arobynn.
87. Arobynn is such a bastard dragging her through her worst memories of Sam.
88. Their silent speak is AMAZING.
89. Her plan to take down Arobynn is goddamned brilliant *bows to my Queen*
90. DORIAN *sobs* and now that I know this is Ress and Brullo *sobs more*
91. Lysandra and Aelin wear those masks so well.
92. And the way she manipulated Arobynn’s will.
93. Just everything about this plan was perfection.
94. The god of truth… Damaris…. AHHHHHH
96. Awwwww Roland. Poor baby boy.
97. Can we talk about how Kaltain single handedly fought back the valg inside her.
98. You know, I don’t like Lorcan right now but I do appreciate him forcing Aelin and Rowan to confront their feelings for one another.
99. “I want to take my time with you” *melts into goo*
100. Poor little Evangeline.
101. AND LYSANDRA *sobs and sobs*
102. Never forget, Rowan had to pour a bucket of cold water on himself.
103. “Hello princeling.”
104. “Hello witchling.”
106. Manon and Aelin interactions are just so great.
107. Manon was so not prepared for Aelin Galathynius.
108. “Honestly it was a shame Manon had to kill her.”
109. “Too good a fighter to kill.”
110. These. Two.
112. “My… Rowan.” Hey, someone just noticed the mating bond.
113. About time you pulled your head out of your ass Chaol.
114. “You do not yield” Love you Elide.
115. Asterin. Her story is so heartbreaking.
116. Manon really isn’t the monster she thinks she is.
117. Lysandra and Aelin’s friendship is one of my favorite parts of this entire series.
118. Bahahahaha you are a dummy Lorcan.
119. Hehehehehe gold lingerie.
120. “You make me want to live Rowan.”
121. “Light up the darkness majesty.”
122. “Let’s go rattle the stars.”
123. Ress and Brullo *sobs*
124. Damnit Lorcan. He really causes so many problems.
125. Welcome back Dorian!
127. “So the world ended and the next one began.”
128. I remember when we first found out here that the King is the puppet what a shock it was.
129. “All the players in the unfinished game.”
131. Manon is so brutal and I love it.
133. And a cloak in a cold dungeon gets Aelin a wyrdkey. Kaltain remembered.
134. Lysandra vomiting on Lorcan is gold.
135. “You make me want to live too Aelin Galathynius.”
136. “As he looked at her the way she deserved to be looked at.”
137. “If I have to be stuck with King duty then you’re gonna be stuck right there with me.” Dorian and Chaol BFFs 5Ever.
138. Yess Chaol, you go meet Yrene.
139. Lady Lysandra.
140. Lysandra constantly scaring Aedion as a ghost leopard is fantastic.
141. My Queen is home.

Wrap Up:
Yepp. This one remains my favorite of them all, although Kingdom Of Ash is a very very VERY close second. I just love the dynamics in this book and how  much every single character grows and really starts to come into their own. It’s just so fantastic.


  1. "Fire breathing bitch queen" lol.

    These kinds of posts are so fun!

  2. This sounds like such an awesome and addicting series! I can tell how much you love it :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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