Thursday, June 6, 2019

Book Review: Daughter Of The Siren Queen (Daughter Of The Pirate King #2) by: Tricia Levenseller

Release Date: February 27, 2018
from Feiwel and Friends
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"Alosa's mission is finally complete. Not only has she recovered all three pieces of the map to a legendary hidden treasure, but the pirates who originally took her captive are now prisoners on her ship. Still unfairly attractive and unexpectedly loyal, first mate Riden is a constant distraction, but now he's under her orders. And she takes great comfort in knowing that the villainous Vordan will soon be facing her father's justice.

When Vordan exposes a secret her father has kept for years, Alosa and her crew find themselves in a deadly race with the feared Pirate King. Despite the danger, Alosa knows they will recover the treasure first . . . after all, she is the daughter of the Siren Queen."

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed Daughter Of The Pirate King but man I loved Daughter Of The Siren Queen even more so. This book was just so much fun and I absolutely loved Alosa. This book has such a great girl power vibe and I love watching all these women kick some serious ass.

What made me love this one even more than book one is that here we really get to see Alosa shine. In the first book it was fun watching her escape and get caught and escape again and rinse and repeat but here we see Alosa as Captain and in charge but also with the respect of her crew. She really gets to shine and it’s so clear that she truly cares so much for her crew and thinks of them as family but she’s also a force to be reckoned with and they all respect her for it. It was also great watching Alosa deal with her siren abilities and learn how to manage them. I just really appreciated how strong and smart she is and how she and her crew of mostly women were such a powerhouse.

I also LOVED Riden. He is so damn charming and funny. And it was great watching him integrate himself with Alosa’s crew and how he came to care for them all. And the chemistry between him and Alosa is awesome. I love them together. They have great banter and their bickering is awesome. They do run hot and cold and they have a lot to work through in this book but I loved it. I love that the power dynamic now was a bit more even with Alosa not being a prisoner now and how it allowed them to grow. I ship it. Hahaha ship. Pirates. I can’t help myself.

Daughter Of The Siren Queen was such a fun read. It had a bunch of action but also a ton of heart. The race for the treasure was exciting and there were a few moments that truly caught me off guard. This is a fun duology and if you like strong female characters and a Pirates of the Caribbean vibe; you have got to give this series a shot.

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  1. I love when a series gets better with each new book! I love a strong and smart heroine! I'm glad she got to shine! Riden sounds yummy and the romance sounds swoon-worthy! I love when an author writes scenes with great banter and bickering, as well as awesome chemistry between the main characters. Fantastic Review Teresa!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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