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150 Thoughts I Had While Re-Reading Heir Of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

Release Date: September 2, 2014
from Bloomsbury USA Childrens
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"She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one.

Celaena Sardothien has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak—but at an unspeakable cost. Now she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth...a truth about her heritage that could change her life—and her future—forever.

Meanwhile, brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. To defeat them, Celaena must find the strength to not only fight her inner demons but to battle the evil that is about to be unleashed.

The king's assassin takes on an even greater destiny and burns brighter than ever before in this follow-up to the New York Times bestselling Crown of Midnight."

My Thoughts:

1. Spoilers for the series!
2. So ready for this game changer of a book.
3. “No soul stained but hers” see this is why she is so reluctant to let others help… she doesn’t want anyone else hurt.
4. I love that we later learn Celaena was sticking her tongue out at Rowan in hawk form.
5. She thinks so very little of herself right now.
6. There he is. My cranky fae Rowan.
7. I knew from the moment he swaggered his way into the alley with those face tattoos that we were gonna get along great.
8. And ugh. Looking back, Maeve was such a shit sending Rowan thinking that the bond would snap into place, but she’s so terrible and Rowan and Aelin are so broken that neither notice.
9. The fact that Chaol dreams Celaena would kill Dorian shows how he doesn’t trust her. He needs to get over himself.
11. Aedion!
12. Also can we imagine the insanity that would have ensued had Aedion showed up with Aelin still around.
13. Post Kingdom of Ash Teresa is still mad at Aedion though.
14. Manon!!!
15. I love the little Aedion and Dorian interaction – especially when he trips Dorian lmao.
16. Awww Sorscha and Dorian!
17. Even Sorscha could see that Celaena was so broken.
18. Maeve *hiss*
19. “Black depthless eyes.”
20. “Shadows and claws and a darkness to devour your soul” – Maeve’s other form… I mean…  SO TELLING NOW.
21. I love how even when Aelin and Rowan are at one another’s throat, they can still do the silent speak thing.
22. Ugh, stupid Grandma Blackbeak.
23. Hahaha Aedion causing problems.
24. “He had chosen the King” see SJM told us, we didn’t listen.
26. I love Luka and Emris.
27. “She could not remember what it was like to be free.”
28. “Manon didn’t have friends” HA that’s funny.
29. Maeve knew exactly what she was doing. Leading Rowan to believe Aelin was a spoiled princess and not someone who has done nothing but suffer.
30. Heir Of Fire really shows how broken Aelin was. It wasn’t just Nehemia’s death. It was that on top of Sam and Endovier and her family and her Kingdom, and she never truly healed until she walked that dark road with Rowan.
31. Aedion really is super smart playing this party boy role so well.
32. Chaol’s father is such a shit.
33. I love Dorian.
34. “From now until the darkness claims us.”
35. Dorian and Sorscha really were so sweet together.
36. “Cousin, that had been his most beloved title.”
37. Ren annoys the shit out of me.
38.  “Do not let that light go out.”
39. Rowan has no idea how similar Aelin is to him right now.
40. “Because she is dead and I am left with my worthless life.” Aelin is so broken right now. It always kills me.
41. This is such a huge moment for Aelin and Rowan… because despite everything, the fighting and hatred, Rowan comes after her when she leaves. Nobody other than Sam ever came after her or fought for her. He doesn’t leave her alone and puts her first in that moment.
42. “You’re not leaving” “Because I said so” *snorts*
43. ABRAXOS!!!
44. Sneaky little Dorian.
45. So aggravating when Ren and Murtagh are like “where has Aelin been?” Like an 8 year old was supposed to save the damn world. Like she didn’t spend years abused by Arobynn, then stuck in Endovier and then bound to the King and then when she’s finally free what does she do, start getting her Kingdom back. All at the tender age of 18. They act like she’s not still a damn teenager. And I recognize they don’t know her story but still makes me cranky.
46. “The weight of a crown and a throne were enough to make her feel like she was in a coffin” STOP IT WITH THIS FORESHADOWING RIGHT THE VERY NOW.
47. Hahahahahah Aedion thinking Aelin isn’t gonna be near the battlefields hahahahahaha.
48. Poor Dorian and Sorscha.
49. I love Abraxos so much.
50. I love watching Aelin slowly come back to herself.
51. Poor little young Aelin. She really had no friends. No wonder she fears her power so much.
52. I love Sorscha and it kills me what happens to her. And I blame Ren *grumbles*
53. Will I ever forgive Ren?
54. Probably not.
55. I love my flower sniffing wyvern.
56. “Finished narrating the story of a clever wolf and a magical firebird” THIS SOUNDS KINDA LIKE LUCIAN AND VASSA MAYBE?
57. It’s amazing that so much of this Maeve history is fabricated.
59. “There is nothing that I can give you, nothing I want to give you.” This gets flipped nicely later.
60. “It would have been nice she supposed. It would have been nice to have one person who knew the absolute truth about her and didn’t hate her for it.”
61. “That flickering light inside of her guttered and went out.”
62. She needed someone SO badly.
63. I love when Emris puts Rowan in his damn place.
64.“You shove her down when she so desperately needs someone to help her back up.”
65. Rowan listened and in this moment in the cave he gives Aelin her out.
66. Rowan is trying SO hard to stay detached because he knows he’s blood sworn to Maeve, but here he gives Aelin what he can to get what she needs because he thinks it’s all he can give.
67. There it is! The moment Rowan finds the sword and ring!
68. “Please tell me you brought food” Luka… I relate.
69. “Rowan merely said ‘good’” HE GETS HER.
70. “You do not apologize for defending the people you care about.”
71. “Born in another world” “slipped into this one” GAHHHHHHH.
74. “Maybe we could find the way back together.”
75. “Somewhere deep inside her an ember began to glow.”
76. Yeah Ren, you have done bad things, which is why it’s UTTER BULLSHIT that you give Aelin such a hard time.
77. I miss Lysandra. I can’t wait to get to her reappearance.
78. Abraxos loves his witchling Manon.
79. This scene with the Stygian spiders is just FULL of nuggets.
80. A merchant came by a few years ago!
81. Deposed by a young woman with wine red hair!
82. A former shape shifter!
83. “That beauty could win you a King” OMG.
84. Iskra is the wooooooorst.
85. Love Petra.
86. I love Aedion and Aelin. She blames herself for what happened to him. He blames himself for what happened to her. Both so much the same.
87. “She was not becoming anything different from what she always was and always had the capacity to be.” “You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love.” MY BOY DORIAN.
88. “I’ve already made my decision about her.” DORIAN IS THE BEST. I love how he and Aelin form such a good friendship.
89. Jesus Ren. Shut up.
90. Aedion is right… Chaol’s biggest mistake is trying not to choose a side.
93. OKAY
94. OKAY
98. Mother hen Rowan.
99. This is such a huge moment for these two.
100. Rowan is so viscerally angry at what she’s been through.
101. “Tomorrow you’ll get a cot.” HA FUNNY.
102. Rowan is fussing and I love it.
103. “Kitty kat friend” *cackles*
104. “My scars serve as a reminder” SCREW YOU MAEVE FOR TAKING THEM.
105. He. Gets. Her.
106. “At least if you’re going to hell, then we’ll be there together.”
107. SJM told us over and over that Chaol wasn’t endgame and we just all were like lalalalalalala.
108. OH OH OH Rowan bit her and she used the pain to pull out of the valg thrall! Like Aelin does later to pull the cadre out of Maeve’s thrall!
109. “All of this just proves that she doesn’t deserve you” Rowan saves Aelin, but Aelin saves him right back.
110. “Her people” “Her Kingdom” this is a big moment for her.
111. “I will follow you to whatever end.” “I claim you as my friend.”
112. “Hold the line Aelin” she is always the barrier!
113. CADRE!
114. I love how after this we barely see Vaughn again. He just flounces off and is like nah I’m done with all this.
115. And down into her memories we go.
116. These memories are always heartbreaking. She has been through so much.
117. Lady Marion was so so good. Staying with little Aelin. She could have abandoned her and she did not.
118. “Get up.” I love that it’s young princess Aelin, it’s herself, telling her to get up.
119. And there is Sam. A bright light for her to take out when things are darkest.
120. I JUST LOVE THIS MOMENT. It fundamentally changes everything.
121. “She would not let that light go out.” “She was not afraid.”
122. “They had become bonded.” !!!!!!!!!!!
123. Note how the flame doesn’t touch Rowan!
124. Carranam!!!
125. To whatever end! “I claim you too Aelin Galathynius.”
126. Aww man. This is the moment that damns Sorscha.
128. “Once upon a time….in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom very much.”
129. I just. I want to take a moment to try and articulate how much I love Aelin (and I’m probably getting ahead of myself with some of these thoughts but whatever). There are few characters in my reading history that I love as much as her… maybe Hermione Granger and Tessa Gray. Aelin lives in the category with those badass ladies. She just contains so many multitudes and has flaws and isn’t always likable but I love her for these multitudes. She’s strong and a badass but also afraid. She’s an assassin and a Queen and dangerous, but she is also wicked smart and so good at maneuvering. She’s an assassin who grew up doing things that most wouldn’t condone of, but she is also the person who risked her life to free slaves and who in the end put her people and her country above everything. But she’s also a woman who loves chocolate cake and reading a good book. She isn’t one thing and can’t be defined with one word and I just truly love that about  her and its why from the moment I began reading I was Team Aelin above all else.
130. Dorian. I love you. “Then they would set about changing the world, together.”
131. Maeve is the WORST!
132. Maeve is so particular with the valg info she gives out.
133. I love how Aelin is like, look Maeve, Rowan is mine and Imma burn this city to the ground if you don’t let him go.
134. “I claim you Aelin to whatever end.”
135. “Together Fireheart.”
136. Poor Keelie… Iskra is pure evil.
137. That’s my Wing Leader.
138. No…. Grandmother Blackbeak is TRULY evil.
139. “He could not accept that part of her” SEEEEEEEEE.
140. But like… Chaol’s hesitation here screws up so many things.
141. No….. no no no no no.
142. Mother effing Amithy.
143. Damn Ren… pushing Sorscha and getting her caught.
144. We go from so happy… AELIN’S BACK… to everything going to hell.
145. I will forever be thankful that Chaol takes the time to save Fleetfoot.
146. No no no… my poor baby Dorian.
147. Hahaha love bossy Rowan.
148. And again. Aelin is telling us she has to end things with Chaol. Why did not of us listen?
149. “And then I am going to rattle the stars.”
150. “She was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and she would not be afraid.”

Wrap Up:
I just adore this book and I love how it changes the series. This is the book that sets the course to that final ending. I mean, every book is important, but this sets so much of the bigger stuff in motion. Also… Rowan.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of thoughts! I can tell how passionate you are and how much you love this series!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. I'm a tad obsessive when it comes to this series hahaha


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