Thursday, May 30, 2019

Aladdin Book Tag

I saw this tag over on A Great Read and just knew I had to do it. I love all things Disney and this seemed like so much fun. The tag was originally created by Du Livre and the images were created by her.

My initial reaction was to pick Throne of Glass because I am me and that series is my favorite. But I also wanted to feature a book that is not as well known so I also went with White Stag because I loved that book so much.

Lotus And Thorn immediately came to mind here. From the cover I thought I was getting a super cool high fantasy and it was not that... it was much more sci fi than I expected.

Had to go with Redeem here. Both of the main characters in this book were antagonists in previous books in this series and this book does such a good job of growing both characters and redeeming them and giving them the story they deserve.

I'm gonna go with Bones here because of one scene that immediately came to mind when I read the prompt. I can't remember which book exactly but there is one scene where Bones is holding a zombie or something and in the process of restraining him he pulls the guys arm off and without missing a beat just uses that arm to beat the zombie... and if that isn't making the best of a bad situation then idk what is.

Had to go with Katy and Tessa here. I would have so much fun chatting and discussing books with both of these ladies and I know we would be the bestest of friends.


  1. I definitely agree about Lotus and Thorn!

  2. What a fun book tag! I love Katy and Tessa! I'd love to talk and discuss books with these two ladies as well!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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