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89 Thoughts I Had While Re-Reading Crown Of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Release Date: August 27, 2013
from Bloomsbury USA Childrens
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""A line that should never be crossed is about to be breached.

It puts this entire castle in jeopardy—and the life of your friend."

From the throne of glass rules a king with a fist of iron and a soul as black as pitch. Assassin Celaena Sardothien won a brutal contest to become his Champion. Yet Celaena is far from loyal to the crown. She hides her secret vigilantly; she knows that the man she serves is bent on evil.

Keeping up the deadly charade becomes increasingly difficult when Celaena realizes she is not the only one seeking justice. As she tries to untangle the mysteries buried deep within the glass castle, her closest relationships suffer. It seems no one is above questioning her allegiances—not the Crown Prince Dorian; not Chaol, the Captain of the Guard; not even her best friend, Nehemia, a foreign princess with a rebel heart.

Then one terrible night, the secrets they have all been keeping lead to an unspeakable tragedy. As Celaena's world shatters, she will be forced to give up the very thing most precious to her and decide once and for all where her true loyalties lie... and whom she is ultimately willing to fight for."

My Thoughts:

1. Spoilers for the entire series to come.
2. This is the thing with Chaol… he doesn’t ever fully accept the darkest parts of Celaena.
3. “Are you still acting like the King’s Champion or are you back to being Celaena?” She’s always been so good at wearing different faces.
4. Ugh stupid Archer.
5. Aww poor Roland brought here just to be used.
6. Celaena spends so much time avoiding her past in Rifthold because she’s not ready yet and it’s heartbreaking.
7. Awww I somehow forgot that Wesley took out Rourke Farran.
8. Sammmmmmmmmmm *sobs forever* It. Never. Gets. Easier.
9. Mort! I love him and his sass. Wonder if he’s still chilling down in those tunnels bored with nobody to talk to.
11. “Be grateful I consider you a worthy accessory” *snorts*
12. *hiss* Archer *hiss*
13. What they do to Kaltain is horrendous.
14. I love that these small moments of kindness come back to help… Celaena gives Kaltain a cloak when everyone else had forgotten her and it gets her a wyrd key.
15. “Do you think a Court like that could ever rise again?” IT WILL AND IT’LL BE EVEN BETTER
16. Blah Archer… he makes me so cranky.
17. Archer plays her so well. But this is another learning moment for Celaena. She learns from this and in the future her plans account for this kind of stuff.
18. “She has to be an imposter” I MEAN OBVIOUSLY
19. “I worry because I care. Gods help me I know I shouldn’t but I do. So I always tell you to be careful because I will always care what happens.”
20. This scene where she outraces the gloriella poison always stresses me out.
21. This Rena Goldsmith song is INSANE Aelin and Rowan foreshadowing.
22. DORIAN APPRECIATION MOMENT. When he realizes how Celaena feels he lets her go. He doesn’t get this crazy macho notion that he has to fight for her and realizes they weren’t meant to be.
23. I’m so done with judgmental Nehemia.
24. And Nehemia pretending to be surprised by everything. I know everyone loves her, but nope, sorry.
25. “Not that there’d ever been an attack on the palace and not that anyone would ever be foolish enough to try during a Royal Ball.” And that’s exactly what Celaena does a few books later haha.
26. The sweetness of this dancing scene.
27. Seriously though. With each re-read I like Nehemia less and less. She purposely misleads Celaena even when she is flat out asking the right questions or is just right.
28. And the whole Chaol and Celaena will never understand and have the responsibilities she and Dorian have… please we all know where this goes and just how much Celaena is going to sacrifice.
29. Also the judgy-ness of how dare Celaena do what she had to do for her freedom… like what… she should have stayed in Endovier and not worked for the King when this opportunity presented itself. Come on.
30. Every time Archer shows up I want to reach into the book and strangle him.
31. Aww poor Roland with the black ring on his hand… he didn’t stand a chance.
32. Baby Dorian finding his powers.
33. “Where are you going?” “To get you chocolate cake.” LOVE.
34. “The Court that Nehemia dreamed of could change the world.” YOU HAVE NO IDEA CELAENA.
36. “Hide from fate all you like, but it will soon find you.”
37. “I stole her from the Lord of Xandria.” I cannot.
38. I really wonder if poor Mort is bored and forgotten.
39. Again thinking of her past and then a mention of fire.
40. Gods poor Celaena… she has so much to work through still.
41. Chaol’s birthday is such a sweet scene.
42. Chaol makes me nuts. He struggles with Celaena being an assassin and then when she tells him she isn’t killing for the King he has a fit. I don’t doubt Chaol loved Celaena, because he did, but he never fully accepted certain parts of her.
43. “Does your love for yourself know no bounds?” “Absolutely none.”
44. Nehemia and Elena. Screw you both.
45. “One of them has to break.” Ugh. You both suck.
46. These people were so damn stupid kidnapping Chaol. So damn stupid. Like who did they think they were trying to draw out? She doesn’t have a reputation for talking first.
47. “Your little assassin” hahahahahaha
49. And Ren holding this against Celaena later is such shit. Acting like she was wrong when they kidnapped Chaol.
50. And Archer drove a wedge between Chaol and Celaena perfectly. The bastard.
51. I don’t care that Nehemia actually orchestrated her death herself. Archer is a piece of crap.
52. Also this is horrible of Nehemia to do this. To herself and Celaena and her family. There HAD to be another way to get Celaena to come back to herself.
53. You know. The first time I read this book I was devastated when Chaol and Celaena fell apart. But now that I’ve come back a few times I get it. It wasn’t that Chaol didn’t tell Celaena. It was that he chose the King over her and knowing what we know now, that’s such a huge thing. When it came down to it, Chaol chose the Kings secret over telling Celaena that her best friend was in danger.
54. Also in hindsight, they weren’t together all that long.
55. Seriously they were together like four seconds because it all fell apart.
56. Kay I’m not gonna talk about this scene anymore because it’s sad and I get annoyed and everything just goes to shit. I’ve ranted about this to my Wifey too much now so I'll spare everyone the details.
57. “Make sure they’re punished one day, every last one of them.”
58. “There will be no more friends like her” you’re right, there will be better.
59. Seriously. With every re-read I love Dorian more. He is so good and so strong and he respects his friends but tells them like it is.
60. Grave deserves everything he got.
61. Just. Kill. Archer. Now.
62. Ugh this bastard. Chaol’s father is ugh.
63. Screw. You. Elena.
64. I love Dorian and Celaena’s friendship so so much. He helps her when she really needs someone.
65. “Then Celaena could become a powerhouse” HA HA HA YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.
66. “Then you will always have a place here” LOVE YOU DORIAN.
67. Wyrd keys… and here we go.
68. “Nameless is my price.”
69. Yes Dorian. You tell it like it is.
70. Witch slayer.
71. See this is the thing… Chaol always doubts Celaena when he shouldn’t because he never fully trusts her. And it’s not a bad thing, but just, they weren’t right for one another in the end.
72. Love it. Dorian just follows Celaena.
73. This monster thing obviously wants to eat Celaena and Dorian but it’s also kinda sad… this was a person that they King and Perrington destroyed.
74. It’s a testament to Celaena that the moment she realizes what is really going on with Kaltain she goes down to try and save her… to save the girl who tried to kill her.
75. Bad idea Celaena. Bad bad idea.
76. Even in death Nehemia is being horrible.
79. But again, this is a learning moment from Celaena. She doesn’t make the same mistake twice.
80. Shit. I forgot Archer knows who she really is.
81. But see here’s the thing. Even though she finds out Archer lied and orchestrated a lot, Chaol still didn’t tell her.
82. There’s my fire breathing bitch queen.
83. See this annoys me. Chaol is almost disgusted by her fae side. In hindsight, SJM was showing us from the beginning that he wasn’t endgame, so many just didn’t see it.
85. “Wondered if he should follow her into that ancient darkness.” Looking back this is amazing foreshadowing and such double meaning. Yes, Celaena is actually walking into the dark but it’s also a reference to the dark road she’s gonna follow in Heir of Fire. And right here Chaol doesn’t follow her… but Rowan will.
86. Ahhh Chaol you think you’re doing the right thing here but *sigh* well you are doing to right thing but not for the reasons you think. You are however, sending Celaena to her mate.
87. This scene is forever heartbreaking.
88. Such an amazing ending.
89. I remember how blown away I was when I first read it. I suspected but still damn.

Wrap Up:
It’s weird. When I first read Throne Of Glass, I obviously loved the book but it was Crown Of Midnight where I was like OH so this is two books in now and it’s still fantastic, clearly this is going to be a new obsession. This was the book that sealed the deal for me, but now I think it’s my least favorite of the entire series. Still love it obviously, but I think I love the others more. Still amazing though and still gonna re-read forever and ever.


  1. I'll admit, I was very disappointed in Chaol and it has taken me awhile to even like him again (still have two books to go!) and have been having trouble starting his book. I do like him, just, most of my love is gone for him I think. Great insight in the series!!

    1. I was exactly the same and was nervous about his book too but trust me it is so so good and honestly it really helped me come to love him again... plus it has super important info for the series as a whole!

  2. Man, I really need to get back into this series. I remember really loving the first book and your comments make me very curious to what is going on now!

  3. I just skimmed because I've actually only read the first book in the series so far. You have me very curious to pick up the second book asap now.

  4. I can tell how much you love this series! It gives you all of the “feels.” I need to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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