Thursday, December 20, 2018

Mini Review: The Land I Lost (Ghosts Of The Shadow Market #7) by: Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan

Release Date: October 9, 2018
from Shadow Market Enterprises
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"Alec Lightwood, partner of the High Warlock of Brooklyn and father of a warlock child, visits Buenos Aires in the aftermath of the Dark War. When he arrives, he is not welcomed by the Shadowhunters there. He believes it is because of his companion Lily, the head of the New York vampire clan, until a Shadowhunter orphan confides a dark secret to him under cover of the Shadow Market."

My Thoughts: 

Okay so this is easily my favorite from this series of novellas. Just keep giving me all the happy Magnus and Alec please and thank you. I just adored this one and I adored watching their family grow. This novella though really belonged to Alec and it was so nice for him to finally have some time to really shine. He is such a great character, but he is a quiet voice surrounded by the likes of Jace and Izzy and Clary, so he doesn’t always take the spotlight, but it was all him and I loved it. He has really come into his own as a character and his character growth from City of Bones to now has been some of my favorite to watch. He is always willing to do the right thing and to help others. I adored his banter with Lily and I love how he has become so respected. Along with Alec though we got to catch up with Tessa and Jem and seeing those two together makes my heart happy. Those two deserve all the happiness in the world. But man does it hurt how much Jem still misses Will every single day; because I get it Jem, I miss Will every single day too. In this novella we get even more hints about the lost Herondale line and what they are running from and man oh man is this all going to be a real shock on poor Kit. I have loved that interweaving plot point in these novellas and I cannot wait for the next story. Once again this world continues to deliver and there are few worlds and characters that have kept me quite as captivated as the Shadowhunters.

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