Monday, August 6, 2018

Mini Review: Cast Long Shadows (Ghosts Of The Shadow Market #2) by: Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan

Release Date: May 8, 2018
from Shadow Market Enterprises
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"Matthew Fairchild is the Consul’s son and the golden-haired boy of the Nephilim. He has the love of his family and his parabatai James Herondale, and nothing to wish for, except excitement and artistry and beauty that do not seem to fit in with a warrior’s way of life. Matthew gets more than he bargained for at the Shadow Market, where he commits the greatest sin of his life—something he can never tell his parabatai, or any of the honorable Shadowhunters around him."

My Thoughts:

My heart has been shattered. Oh my gosh, I love Matthew Fairchild more than I ever thought I would. He is so insane and full of life and so ridiculous and I just loved him. And he and James balance one another so well as parabati. They are wonderful. But because this is the Shadowhunter world, we can’t have nice things and this tiny novella is heartbreaking. The events in this book are clearly going to define Matthew and my heart is breaking for him. Of course it’s great being in Jem’s head and that breaks my heart too with him being so distant in some ways. There is a scene at the end there with Will and Jem that made me cry. It’s so simple but it’s so poignant and heartbreaking. The characters from The Infernal Devices forever own a piece of my heart. And from the few novellas where we meet James and Matthew and this next generation, I can tell these characters are going to own my heart as well.


  1. I have not tried this series, but it sounds like the author has you emotionally invested!

  2. Oh geez, Teresa! You've made me want to get back to this series and finish it - or at least catch up - so I can read this one...even if it's going to shred my heart.

    1. They've all been so good! I've been catching up and loving being back in that world.


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