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Book Review: Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin #3) by: Robin LaFevers

Release Date: November 4, 2014
from HMH Books for Young Readers
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"Annith has watched her gifted sisters at the convent come and go, carrying out their dark dealings in the name of St. Mortain, patiently awaiting her own turn to serve Death. But her worst fears are realized when she discovers she is being groomed by the abbess as a Seeress, to be forever sequestered in the rock and stone womb of the convent. Feeling sorely betrayed, Annith decides to strike out on her own.

She has spent her whole life training to be an assassin. Just because the convent has changed its mind doesn't mean she has..."

My Thoughts:

What a way to round out this trilogy! This was such a good book and I am so happy Annith finally got her time to shine. She is so strong, but also so compassionate and is so much more than she seems and she is a fantastic heroine.

Annith grows so much over the course of this book and I love how she came into her own. She wants answers and she will stop at nothing to get them. I loved that she started making decisions for herself and for her happiness. Also I loved that she was a badass.

The new hero we meet, Balthazaar, may be my favorite hero of the three books. And it hurts me a little to say because I loved Beast, but there was something about Balthazaar. He was dark and broody and charming and I’m just a sucker for that. And of course I loved the romance and their dynamic together.

The plot in this book was wonderful. There were new elements introduced that I really enjoyed and I also loved getting answers to some of the plot points that have been woven throughout the trilogy. Finally, I figured out what was up with the Abbess and gosh that question had been plaguing me so much, so I was happy to get my answers. And we also got our resolution concerning the Duchess and I was very happy to see how her story played out.

There was a lot I loved about this book. I loved the romance and I loved the story line and I loved the characters, but my absolute favorite thing about this book was the strong bond between Annith, Ismae, and Sybella. They have such a strong connection and I adored how they always supported and loved one another. There was no cattiness or backstabbing or judging; there was just love and support and helping one another when they needed it most. I am always here for strong and positive female friendships.

Mortal Heart was such a good read and I’m really glad I finally got around to finishing this series. I couldn’t be happier with the way this series all came together.


  1. Ugh, I loved this book. It was well worth the wait. Grave Mercy was still my favorite of the series, but this one was my second favorite. I can't wait for the new book coming out this year!!!

    Great review, Teresa! Have a lovely week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. OH YAAAY; I'm so happy this was good too! I was really nervous about starting this one...hence why I STILL haven't read it. I wasn't the biggest fan of Book 2, so I'm ready to fall in love with these two!

    Did you see that the series is continuing?! Book 4 comes out in 2019 I think!

    1. I am so excited for book 4! Especially since I adored Sybella and Beast!


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