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Book Review: The Queen Of The Tearling (The Queen Of The Tearling #1) by: Erika Johansen

Release Date: July 8, 2014
from Harper
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"An untested young princess must claim her throne, learn to become a queen, and combat a malevolent sorceress in an epic battle between light and darkness in this spectacular debut—the first novel in a trilogy.

Young Kelsea Raleigh was raised in hiding after the death of her mother, Queen Elyssa, far from the intrigues of the royal Keep and in the care of two devoted servants who pledged their lives to protect her. Growing up in a cottage deep in the woods, Kelsea knows little of her kingdom's haunted past . . . or that its fate will soon rest in her hands.

Long ago, Kelsea's forefathers sailed away from a decaying world to establish a new land free of modern technology. Three hundred years later, this feudal society has divided into three fearful nations who pay duties to a fourth: the powerful Mortmesne, ruled by the cunning Red Queen. Now, on Kelsea's nineteenth birthday, the tattered remnants of the Queen's Guard—loyal soldiers who protect the throne—have appeared to escort the princess on a perilous journey to the capital to ascend to her rightful place as the new Queen of the Tearling.

Though born of royal blood and in possession of the Tear sapphire, a jewel of immense power and magic, Kelsea has never felt more uncertain of her ability to rule. But the shocking evil she discovers in the heart of her realm will precipitate an act of immense daring, throwing the entire kingdom into turmoil—and unleashing the Red Queen's vengeance. A cabal of enemies with an array of deadly weapons, from crimson-caped assassins to the darkest blood magic, plots to destroy her. But Kelsea is growing in strength and stealth, her steely resolve earning her loyal allies, including the Queen's Guard, led by the enigmatic Lazarus, and the intriguing outlaw known simply as "the Fetch."

Kelsea's quest to save her kingdom and meet her destiny has only just begun. Riddled with mysteries, betrayals, and treacherous battles, Kelsea's journey is a trial by fire that will either forge a legend . . . or destroy her."

My Thoughts:

High fantasy is probably my favorite genre and so many of my all-time favorite books are high fantasy. However, I am also very picky with this genre, and so many times books in the high fantasy genre lets me down. I can never pinpoint why exactly, but so often they are just missing a certain something. The Queen Of The Tearling though is everything I want when I pick up a high fantasy. From the first page I was addicted and I should have read this book years ago.

Kelsea is a fantastic heroine. She is smart and determined and wants to turn the kingdom around. I loved how smart she was and that she didn’t take crap from anyone. Even better, she recognized where she was lacking and took steps to improve those areas. She truly wants to do well as Queen and I really admired her.

I also loved some of our secondary characters. Lazarus is so awesome and I loved him. He is big and grumpy, but he clearly has a good heart. And my favorite of them all is Pen. He wormed his way into my heart quickly. I love how loyal he is to Kelsea and I just loved him in general. And of course I loved The Fetch. He is such a mystery and I’m super intrigued by him and cannot wait to see what’s going on there.

This book kept me glued to the pages. The book just moved at a great pace. There was action and drama and court maneuvering and I LOVED watching Kelsea put people in their place. This book was just so addictive and I loved every single second of it. I’ve been craving an amazing high fantasy and this was just what I needed. I don’t think I’ve been so grabbed by a high fantasy series since I first dove into Sarah J Maas years ago and we all know she is my favorite.

The Queen Of The Tearling is just an amazing read and one of those where I know it’s going to be an obsession and a series I'll revisit again and again. I’ll be binging these books for sure.

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  1. I love high fantasy too but more than often these stories can be quite tacky. Glad you liked this one!


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