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Release Day Blitz: Reawaken (Under My Skin #2) by: Christina Lee (Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway)

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RELEASE DATE: 11.02.17

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Losing his adoring husband shattered Tristan Rogers world. For the past few years, he’s been going through the motions, running their dog grooming business while hiding the loneliness he feels down to his bones. When he witnesses an ugly breakup between a pretentious customer and his boyfriend, Tristan can’t help but intervene. Something about the unassuming younger man calls to him, and he can’t help wondering if he’s experienced some heartache of his own.
Life took a tragic turn for Jonas “West” Hollis as a teen, and he’s felt indebted to his overbearing lover ever since. Tristan’s kindness draws him from the start, but with his dreams finally in reach, West can’t risk getting close to someone else. Not now that he can live his life and stand on his own merit.
From innocent texts to companionable rides on Tristan’s boat, what starts as an unexpected friendship between the men sparks into undeniable attraction. Neither are ready for anything deeper than a couple of passionate nights wrapped in each other’s arms but their connection becomes too intense for either to ignore. If Tristan and West want to heal their broken hearts, they’ll need a considerable amount of trust and courage—not only in themselves but also each other.
Source: I received a copy of this book and voluntarily provided a fair and honest review. 

My Thoughts:

Christina Lee’s books always pack an emotional punch and Reawaken was no exception. Both Tristan and West have been through so much and they tugged at the heartstrings. I loved their story and it was so sweet watching them come together.

I liked both Tristan and West, but Tristan was the one who I just absolutely adored. I don’t know what it was about him, but I just really connected with him. He was so sweet and calm and patient and watching him learn to open up again was so heartwarming. Both of them came such a long way over the course of the book and it was wonderful watching them come to terms with everything in their pasts and find one another along the way.

All in all, Reawaken was a great read with a sweet romance that hits you right in the heart. Tristan and West are wonderful and it was great checking up on Nick and Brin again too. I’m really enjoying this series from Christina Lee.

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“Take yourself out so I can see you,” West suggested with a devilish gleam, and I did a double-take, marveling at the contradiction. Gone was the moody, unsure kid, only to be replaced by the liberated, playful man filled with hope and mischievousness. “What—right now?” I looked along the shoreline, and outside of a couple of faraway boats, we were virtually alone. Still, I shook my head. “I can’t—” “Sure you can,” he replied with a smirk. “You look so impressive manning this boat. Distinguished, even. It would be hot to see you holding your cock while your other hand grips the wheel.” “Goddamn, West,” I ground out as our eyes met briefly. “Haven’t you come into your own… What happened to my quiet and shy companion?” He laughed and then shrugged. “Guess he finally went after what he needed. And who he wanted.” When he curved his eyebrow in challenge, I shivered. My gaze panning the shoreline, I already knew I planned on doing precisely what he asked. Fuck, he knew exactly how to light me up and appeal to my whims—all of which seemed to include him in one fashion or another. I jerked the throttle and reduced to a slower speed before my hand drifted to my shorts. I tugged them just far enough down that the head of my cock was exposed above the waistband as I gripped my shaft. “Nice,” he murmured in appreciation as he gazed fixedly at my dick. He stood, sidled next to me, and dragged his fingers along my shoulder blades, making the hairs on my neck stand up. Thankfully there was a glass partition that extended along the sides of the steering wheel, so unless you had a direct view, you wouldn’t realize that I held my cock in my fist. West’s fingers slid beneath the waistband and into my crease. “So hot,” he whispered in my ear. “Fuck,” I groaned, arching my back.

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