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Top Ten 2016: Books I Am Looking Forward To In 2017

Welcome to day five of the Top Ten of 2016 hosted by Two Chicks on BooksFiktshunTales of the Ravenous Reader, and Dark Faerie Tales. Today we are sharing the books we are most looking forward to in 2017. Like I have done the past few years, I have decided not to feature an author more than once (or at least try really hard not to). Also, there is no particular order to the list.

A Court Of Wings And Ruin by: Sarah J. Maas - I am dying to get my hands on this book! The end of ACOMAF nearly killed me and I cannot wait to see where this series goes!

Midnight Target by: Elle Kennedy - I am OBSESSED with this series and I am dying for this book! I need to know how my Sully and Liam are doing! This series has continually delivered and I can't wait for this final installment!

The Struggle by: Jennifer L. Armentrout - There are a few JLA books I am looking forward to next year but I settled on The Struggle because I need to know what trouble Seth has gotten into and I can't wait to see Alex and Aiden again.

Into The Fire by: Jeaniene Frost - I am sooooo excited for this one! I feel like I have been waiting forever for this book and I am dying to catch up with Vlad and Leila. 

Long Way Home by: Katie McGarry - I love this series and I have been waiting for Violet and Chevy since the first book. So excited to finally get their story.

Alex And Eliza: A Love Story by: Melissa de la Cruz - My Hamilton loving heart needs this book! I'm willing to wait for it.

The Valiant by: Lesley Livingston - This cover is amazing and for that reason alone I need it. It also sounds ridiculously good.

Roar by: Cora Carmack - I am in love with the sound of this book and I cannot get over the gorgeousness of this cover.

Every Little Thing by: Samantha Young - I am so looking forward to Bailey and Vaughn! I know their story is going to be good.

Throne of Glass #5.5 and #6 by: Sarah J. Maas - No these two books do not have titles but I don't care. I cannot wait for the Chaol novella and for the final book in the Throne of Glass series. The end to Empire of Storms devastated me and I need that final book.

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Blog Tour: Hate Story by: Nicole Williams (Review, Excerpt, & Teaser)

Source: I received a copy of this book as part of the blog tour in exchange for a fair and honest review.

"Nina can’t let herself fall in love with the man she’s going to marry. Both of them have experienced the sting and sham of love and have no intentions of falling victim to it twice. Love is expensive—hate is free.Three years. A million dollars. A solution to both of their problems. They planned it all, from the story of their first meeting to the date of their divorce. Nothing could go wrong.But what they didn’t consider was chemistry, and Nina and Max have no shortage of it. After too many near-kisses, Nina convinces herself that hating Max is better than loving him, and the more she gets to know this soon-to-be-husband of hers, the more she discovers just how very much she truly, madly, and deeply . . . hates him.This isn’t a love story. This is the other kind."Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Nook | iBooks | Goodreads

My Thoughts:

Nicole Williams delivered once again with Hate Story. That delicious cover delivered a story that is just as good on the inside. This story is addictive and the kind you have to read in one sitting to get your answers. With a title like this, it truly keeps you on the edge of your seat as a reader and just waiting for that other shoe to drop and when it drops it hurts. I’ve always said Nicole Williams is the best at delivering emotional roller coasters and Hate Story was just that.

Nina was a great heroine. I love her spunk and spirit and her independence. She is closed off but I loved watching her slowly open up. She has been hurt over and over again and you really feel for her. I really liked Nina and I felt like we would have gotten along; especially with her dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Her give no fucks attitude really appealed to me.

Then we have Max who I simply adored. Max is just swoooooon. Max is one of those characters who knows what he wants and goes for it and that makes him easy to fall for. He is also ridiculously hot and that definitely helps his case. The chemistry between Max and Nina is insane. The whole fine line between love and hate is definitely strong. They were explosive together.

Hate Story was a great read and it really had my stomach in knots up until the very end. This was a great read and Nicole Williams fans will not be disappointed.


He hadn’t stopped smiling at me, and it wasn’t the friendly kind of smile. It was the kind that made it seem like he was in on some secret I wasn’t privy to. The kind of smile that made me feel like I was being trifled with and made the punch line of a hundred jokes I had yet to hear.
I wanted to wipe the cocky smile off his face, but that would have required touching him and even I wasn’t gutsy enough for that. A woman did not touch a guy like him unless she wanted him to be her undoing. Nope. You didn’t play with fire. You didn’t touch it. You didn’t even come close.
Fire. That was all I saw when I looked at him. I was playing with it by agreeing to this kind of arrangement with him.
Even the way he lounged in the chair was smug. Like it was his throne and he was just waiting for minions to come bow before him.
“You’re younger than I thought you’d be.” He broke the silence first.
Though it was faint, I could just make out an accent. It was European, but I couldn’t nail down the country. To look at the bastard, you’d think he was Scandinavian—blond hair, blue eyes, commanding frame—but his accent was too sharp to hail from the land of Vikings.
I was tempted to glare at the tipped smile aimed at me, but I didn’t want to lead him to the impression I cared. I gave him my version of the same smile, abandoning my “no expectations” policy for the prospect of pissing him off. “You’re older than I thought you’d be.”
His smile shifted into the realm of a smirk, like he knew I was lying. So yeah, maybe I was lying about thinking he was older, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of confirming his silent accusation. He was older than me, but not by much. He might have been closing in on thirty, but he wasn’t past it.
He leaned forward in the chair. When his gaze circled my face to my fiery red hair, his brow elevated. Yes, I am the stereotype. Be warned.
“Prettier too.”
I stiffened. He was fucking with me now. I’d already agreed to marry him. How much more did he think he could screw me over?
I gave him a cursory glance and kept the unaffected look on my face. “Uglier.”
He cocked a brow like he knew better. “And the personality of ten women rolled into one.”
His head shook once. “Intrigued.”
His eyes investigated me again. It felt intrusive, definitely not cursory. “Impressed.”
“As impressed by me as the woman in heat who was just mauling you over by the bar?”
“You mean the woman who gave me this?” He pulled something out of the inside pocket of his suit jacket and set it on the small table between us.
It was a hotel card key. With a lipstick kiss pressed into it.
“Classy place, this five-star hotel.” I glanced back at the woman at the bar. She was still there, watching him as though he was the height of the male species. “Did you tell her the reason you were here?”
His attention stayed on me. “Yes, I told her I was here to meet the woman I was going to marry.”
My stomach wrung. This was the man I was going to marry.
Holy shit.
“And she didn’t ask for her room key back?” I asked.
“She didn’t give it to me until right after I mentioned that.” His stare was intense. Too intense. I felt like every secret—every piece of who I was—was strewn out on that table for him to see. “Women love a man who isn’t afraid of commitment. It’s like an aphrodisiac.”
“You know what else women like?” I didn’t pause for an answer because I guessed he didn’t have a clue. “A man who’s humble.”
He fought a smile and leaned back in his chair when a server approached with a couple of drinks on a tray. “No, they like to think they do, but they don’t.” His head shook authoritatively. “They like the cocky bastard who goes after what he wants and doesn’t take no for an answer.”
Because the server was shielding some of me from his view, I allowed myself to shift. I was getting fired up, and if he kept saying the same kinds of things with the same kinds of looks on his face, that drink was going to wind up in his face.
That was when I noticed what the server had set in front of me. A tumbler with something amber in color. The same thing she was setting in front of him. Although from the curve of her smile, she was offering to give him a blow job on the side, compliments of the house.
“What is this?” I asked. Him. Her. Whoever wanted to answer.
“Scotch,” he answered, ignoring the server lingering between us.
My nose curled at the drink.
“Expensive scotch.”
“I don’t care if it came from the fountain of youth. I won’t drink it.”
His forehead creased with what appeared to be irritation, but I couldn’t be sure. Maybe it was confusion, like he couldn’t decide what to make of me. “You would have me believe you wouldn’t take a sip of that if you knew it would give you eternal life?” When I shook my head, his head tipped. “Why?”
“Because I value my free will far more than long life.” I pushed the drink away until it clinked against his. “I’d rather live one day free than an eternity in a cage.”
He was quiet for a moment. The server stayed between us, staring at him, waiting.
“Then why are you here?” he asked me finally.
I leaned forward and hoped my stare was as powerful as his. “Because free will is expensive.”

Nicole Williams is the New York Times and USATODAY bestselling author of contemporary and young adult romance, including the Crash and Lost & Found series. Her books have been published by HarperTeen and Simon & Schuster in both domestic and foreign markets, while she continues to self-publish additional titles. She is working on a new YA series with Crown Books (a division of Random House) as well. She loves romance, from the sweet to the steamy, and writes stories about characters in search of their happily even after. She grew up surrounded by books and plans on writing until the day she dies, even if it’s just for her own personal enjoyment. She still buys paperbacks because she’s all nostalgic like that, but her kindle never goes neglected for too long. When not writing, she spends her time with her husband and daughter, and whatever time’s left over she’s forced to fit too many hobbies into too little time.Nicole is represented by Jane Dystel, of Dystel and Goderich Literary Agency.
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Top Ten 2016: Best Book Boyfriends

Welcome to day four of the Top Ten of 2016 hosted by Two Chicks on BooksFiktshunTales of the Ravenous Reader, and Dark Faerie Tales. Today we are sharing our favorite book boyfriends of 2016 (from books both read and released in 2016). Like I have done the past few years, I have decided not to feature an author more than once (or at least try really hard not to). Also, there is no particular order to the list.

Rowan Whitethorn (Empire Of Storms by: Sarah J. Maas) - Oh look the Throne of Glass series tops my list yet again. These books are my favorite and I've loved Rowan since he swaggered his way into the series, so of course he tops my list.

Torrin (Collared by: Nicole Williams) - I am absolutely in love with Torrin. He is just so so good and so wonderful. 

Rhysand (A Court Of Mist And Fury by: Sarah J. Maas) - I ADORE RHYS. He is sweet and swoony and funny. There is so much more to Rhys than anyone could have guessed and he is the best.

Levi (Levi's Blue by: M. Leighton) - Michelle knows how to create swoony guys and Levi was no exception. I fell hard for him. 

Rylan (Ruled by: Elle Kennedy) - I loved Rylan when I first met him in Claimed and I love him even more now. He cracks me up and he has some of my favorite dialogue.

Bones (Outtakes From The Grave by: Jeaniene Frost) - I am kinda cheating here since this isn't a true novel, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to include Bones because I love Bones.

Isaac (Greta And The Lost Army by: Chloe Jacobs) - I just adore Isaac. He is the Goblin King and I really never stood a chance against him.

Ren (Torn by: Jennifer L. Armentrout) - JLA creates some of my all time favorite book boyfriends, and Ren has been added to that list. I loved Ren in Wicked but I loved him even more in Torn.

Razor (Walk The Edge by: Katie McGarry) - Razor absolutely broke my heart and at the same time he stole my heart.

Finnegan (Kingdom Of Ashes by: Rhiannon Thomas) - Finnegan is the best! He cracks me up and I just love him.

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Top Ten 2016: Best Couples

Welcome to day three of the Top Ten of 2016 hosted by Two Chicks on BooksFiktshunTales of the Ravenous Reader, and Dark Faerie Tales. Today we are sharing our favorite couples of 2016 (from books I read in 2016). Like I have done the past few years, I have decided not to feature an author more than once (or at least try really hard not to). Also, there is no particular order to the list.

Rowan & Aelin (Empire Of Storms by: Sarah J. Maas) - I absolutely adore Rowan and Aelin and I love their dynamic together. This series owns me and I will forever love these two.

Trevor & Isabel (Midnight Games by: Elle Kennedy) - I am obsessed with this series, but one of the stand out couples is Trevor and Isabel. Their banter is awesome and their chemistry is insane!

Rhysand & Feyre (A Court Of Mist And Fury by: Sarah J. Maas) - I'm breaking my one book per author rule because I have to include Rhys and Feyre too. I love them together so so much and I love how they helped one another. I will also forever love how Rhys puts so much faith in Feyre and knows she is strong. 

Ren & Ivy (Torn by: Jennifer L. Armentrout) - I adore Ren and Ivy. I love all of JLA's couples but there is something about Ren and Ivy that I just absolutely adore. They work well together and I love the sacrifices they make for one another. 

Noah & Mara (The Evolution Of Mara Dyer by: Michelle Hodkin) - Noah and Mara are the best together because they give absolutely no f*cks. Noah loves Mara for all her faults and I love how not perfect they both are but that they are perfect together.

Lena & Nate (The Empty Jar by: M. Leighton) - These two absolutely shatter my heart and I love them all the more because of it. Their romance is so beautiful and I'll never forget these two.

Greta & Isaac (Greta And The Lost Army by: Chloe Jacobs) - I will forever love Greta and Isaac. They are such a power couple and I love how they continually fight for one another.

Vlad & Leila (Bound By Flames by: Jeaniene Frost) - Vlad and Leila are so awesome and AHHHHH. Their chemistry is insane and their romance is ridic hot.

Jesse & Rowen (Heart & Soul by: Nicole Williams) - Jesse and Rowen are forever one of my all time favorite couples, so of course I had to include them on this list.

Jack & Jenna (Right Kind Of Wrong by: Chelsea Fine) - These two had crazy chemistry and I loved them. I also adored their banter and just everything about them.

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Top Ten 2016: Best Book Covers

Welcome to day two of the Top Ten of 2016 hosted by Two Chicks on Books, Fiktshun, Tales of the Ravenous Reader, and Dark Faerie Tales. Today we are sharing our favorite covers of 2016 (from books released in 2016). Like I have done the past few years, I have decided not to feature an author more than once (or at least try really hard not to). Also, there is no particular order to the list.

Empire Of Storms by: Sarah J. Maas - So you will notice that I broke my "feature an author only once" rule a lot when it comes to SJM because ACOMAF and Empire of Storms are my two favorite reads of the year, but I figured I could at least pick between them when it came to which cover I preferred. I went back and forth quite a bit but finally decided on Empire of Storms. I just love how badass Aelin is on the cover.

Bright Smoke, Cold Fire by: Rosamund Hodge - I swear, this author must have made a sacrifice to the cover gods because her covers are always amazing. This cover is no exception. It is so eye catching and beautiful.

The Empty Jar by: M. Leighton - The colors on this cover are just so stunning. But what I love most about this cover is how absolutely perfect it is for the story.

The Great Hunt by: Wendy Higgins - I absolutely love this cover. The colors are amazing and just the whole setting is so beautiful.

Walk The Edge by: Katie McGarry - This cover is not only perfect for the book but it is just so beautiful. They have done a wonderful job with the covers for this series. 

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them by: J.K. Rowling - This cover doesn't look like much when it is just a picture, but in person this book is stunning. The detail is incredible and it is soooo shiny.

Kingdom Of Ashes by: Rhiannon Thomas - This cover is just beautiful. I love her dress and I love the whole setting.

Harley & Rose by: Carmen Jenner - This cover is gorgeous. Just the colors and the couple and I love it oh so much.

Glass Sword by: Victoria Aveyard - This cover is awesome because its relatively simple but still so eye catching. I just love the crown with the red and silver blood. 

Torn by: Jennifer L. Armentrout - Love this cover because it was shot underwater and I just find that so cool. Also the colors are really pretty.

Honorable Mention: 
I wanted to keep the list to books I read in 2016, but I also wanted to mention The Black Key because I adore this cover and cannot wait to read this one.

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