Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly Recap 8/21/2016

I am back!!!!! I have survived busy season and now I am finally getting back into blogging. It was a long few weeks and I am still trying to catch up on everything but I am excited to dive back into books. AND ITS MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! I LOVE BIRTHDAYS CAUSE CAKE AND PRESENTS! So anyway, because its been a few weeks I have a ton of books to go over so I am not going to mess with pictures or links, I am just going to post the covers and comment where I feel excited. 

Yay freebies and sales! And of course I needed Our Love Unhinged


I've already ready Cursed Child and it wasn't what I expected but I did enjoy it. I also snagged a signed copy of It Ends With Us! 

I had to have a pretty paperback of Stealing Home cause LOOK AT THAT COVER!  And big thanks to Jess for her extra copy of The Diabolic; so excited for this one! 


Of course I had to have a paperback of Torn cause its JLA. And I also grabbed the leather bound copies of A Song of Ice and Fire on Prime Day cause I neeeeeded them. SO PRETTY. Then I treated myself to the new Madly covers cause pretty.

Thanks Scholastic!!! These sound great. I already read and loved The Bronze Key.

Michelle was kind enough to send me the new paperbacks for her Pretty series and an original Madly. I love her to pieces in case you guys didn't already know.

Thanks Berkley! I love the Submissive series tons! Ruled sounds AMAZING! And we all know I adore Samantha Young. 

Thanks Harper! I had to have Long May She Reign because that cover and it sounds amazing. And thanks Ace for Into the Guns. Thanks St Martins for Behind Closed Doors, Where Love Lies, and Hard Rules.

And holy wow I have gotten a ton of book over the last month and a half! Lots of reading to catch up on.


  1. WHOA!!!! So many books!! Lots of new to me ones but seeing ones I want to read as well! I STILL need to read Mind Games and Torn! And oooh Long May She Reign! I still need to read her first books too! LOL! Happy Reading!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Happy birthday! Dude, it looks like you're set for another couple of months! I hope you enjoy all of your new books. =)

    Have a fabulous week, Teresa!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. Holy smokes. That is some fantastic books. Looks like you are back with a big bang! I spy a bunch I'd love to read. How lucky for you:) And Happy Birthday!

    My Sunday Post

  4. Eeeep! Birthday week :D Happiest of birthdays to you my friend, I hope you get spoiled rotten ♥ And if your haul here is any indication, looks like you've got a GREAT handle on things LOL! LOVE. Glad you enjoyed Cursed Child, I still need to read HP series hangover is still too raw. Stunning leather bound GRRM set there^^ WOW. Oooh and I really want to read Long May She Reign too :D Enjoy!! xx

  5. Holy smokes! That is a massive amount of beautiful books you have there!!! Hope they're all super amazing.


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