Monday, May 16, 2016

The Monday Musts 5/16/2016

The Monday Musts is a weekly feature hosted by the awesome Jessica at Lovin Los Libros. This is a fun way to share a must read book, a must listen to song/album/artist, and a must see (can be anything). I'm really excited to be taking part in this feature and I'm sure it will be a ton of fun.

Must Read:
I don't know how to adequately express my love for this book but it is phenomenal. I am suffering from a massive book hangover and I cannot stop thinking about this book. I even started re-reading the series because I just could not say goodbye. 

Must Listen: 
Not sure what made me think of this song, because I haven't listened to it in forever, but once I remembered it I couldn't stop listening to it because it is seriously awesome.

Must See:
Watching these two flail over themselves on the Me Before You cover is so so adorable!


  1. That video is so freaking cute, can't wait for the movie!

    My Monday Musts!

  2. Well, that video made my night! Why are they SO cute!! Aaaaah! And your must-read is SPOT ON! I think I've expressed my feelings on that book ad nauseam BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  3. YES MUST READ. Gah! I am severely tempted to start the series all over's my second book hangover in a row and I CANNOT deal!! I love that you did just that too :D The Night Court was a dream ♥ Happy reading xxxxx


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