Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book Review: Outtakes From The Grave (Night Huntress #7.5) by: Jeaniene Frost

Release Date: December 8, 2015
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"Cat and Bones fans, sink your teeth into this new outtakes compilation from New York Times
bestselling author Jeaniene Frost!

Indulge your love of paranormal super couple Cat and Bones with this ultimate “director’s cut” collection of deleted scenes and alternate versions from the first four novels in the Night Huntress series, complete with author commentary on each selection. Includes: the original beginnings of Halfway to the Grave, One Foot in the Grave, At Grave’s End, and Destined for an Early Grave: a chapter written in Bones’s point of view; alternate versions of sections of Halfway to the Grave, One Foot in the Grave, and Destined for an Early Grave; the “white wedding” scene between Cat and Bones that never made it into the final books…and much more!"

My Thoughts:

I recently finished all of the currently published Night Huntress Universe books. So naturally the only thing left for me to do was read this collection of deleted scenes. This was a super fun way to spend some more time with Cat and Bones.

I really loved the way Jeaniene put this together. Not only was it a compilation of deleted scenes but she gave commentary on each of the scenes and some behind the scenes look as to why it was removed. Obviously I loved some scenes more than others but as a whole I really enjoyed it. I will say though, there were some scenes I was really glad didn’t make it into the final cut. They were fun to experience but I much prefer the way they tuned out in the final cut. My favorite scene was probably the wedding scene. I understand why it was cut, but I did love seeing it. And I also loved the snippet where Bones talks to Cat at the very end of At Graves End (if you read the books, it takes place when he finds out she almost did a very bad thing). What he tells her in this scene is beautiful. I rewound and listened to it a few times.

All in all, Outtakes From The Grave is a fun read for any Night Huntress fan and it’s interesting to see how it evolved. And if you’ve been missing Cat and Bones, this is a great way to spend some more time with them.


  1. OOoh niiiice! I still need to get this one! It's currently on my wishlist and I thought I might leave it there since I'm in a round of OTSP Secret Sister program! But come July, I'll be buying it quick! I read the series soooo long ago, I can't wait for a revisit with deleted scenes!! Anything is better than nothing! Lol! Great review!

  2. That's so cool! I don't think I ever read or seen an author put together a book like this and I like the idea. I'm always a fan of reading a deleted scene and hearing commentary.

  3. This is so awesome! What a gift from the author to the fans. Love it! I'm so glad to know this exists for when I FINALLY get to these books ;) Great review <3

  4. I'll have to remember to pick this up once I finally complete the series, Teresa. I haven't been able to bring myself to finish it because I just don't want to say goodbye. I'm glad you enjoyed spending some more time with Cat & Bones. Love them!!

  5. Loved this review! I can't wait till I read this one! I'm currently reading This Side of the Grave. My goodness, I do love me some Cat and Bones and I'm really addicted to them ;) Best way possible. HA!


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