Friday, February 5, 2016

On My Shelf: The Dark Divine by: Bree Despain

On My Shelf is a new feature I started here on the blog and I'm sure there are a ton of similar ones out there, but basically I just wanted to start spotlighting some of the MANY backlist titles I have accumulated on my shelf and kindle. The idea is to spotlight an older book I have on my massive TBR. I also thought it would be a fun way to discuss these books with my fellow bloggers, get some of your thoughts and figure out which ones I need to read ASAP and which ones can wait a bit more. And if you want to join in too, I would love to see what is on your shelf! Just leave me a link in the comments.

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I won this book in a giveaway a while ago and fell in love with the cover. I loved the cover and the synopsis sounded like something I would enjoy. Then of course I got distracted by other books and never got around to this one. I honestly don't really know much about this one so I would love to hear some feedback! 

So tell me. Have you read it? Did you love it? Hate it? Was it meh?


  1. *grins* I've had this one on my nook was actually a Nook Friday Freebie a looong time ago. I love the cover and was dying to read it, but... Hopefully I'll get the time to read it sooner than later. :D Happy Friday, Teresa!

  2. I do love that cover; however, I don't think I've seen that book before. Definitely intrigued by the cover though! It looks like it would be a good read :)


  3. I thought maybe I'd read that one... but I haven't (according to Goodreads). I think I picked it up and then just never got around to it. A lot of my GR friends have read it and rated it four or five stars though!

  4. I've read this book and I absolutely loved it haven't been able to get the rest of the series but this is definitely a book I'd recommend to anyone!

  5. I have many books on my shelf which arrived there by similar means. Liked the cover. Intrigued by the blurb. Then subsequently forgotten because of other more distracting books. This year, I'm trying to work my way through some of them.
    The Dark Divine... I have to admit, this one it totally new to me. Hope you enjoy it once you get a chance to read it.

  6. I really liked this series but never got around to reading the last book! It's been a while since I've read it; but I loved Grace and Daniel, and I think you'll enjoy this one :D


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