Friday, February 26, 2016

On My Shelf: Before I Fall by: Lauren Oliver

On My Shelf is a feature I started here on the blog and I'm sure there are a ton of similar ones out there, but basically I just wanted to start spotlighting some of the MANY backlist titles I have accumulated on my shelf and kindle. The idea is to spotlight an older book I have on my massive TBR. I also thought it would be a fun way to discuss these books with my fellow bloggers, get some of your thoughts and figure out which ones I need to read ASAP and which ones can wait a bit more. And if you want to join in too, I would love to see what is on your shelf! Just leave me a link in the comments.

I have had this book for a really long time now. I think I bought it after I first finished  and fell in love with Delirium. But then I just didn't get around to it and after finishing the Delirium trilogy and not loving Panic I just am not sure about this one anymore. It sounds good and I know it has gotten a ton of praise, but I'm worried. With the movie coming though if I'm going to read it, I think it should be soon. So yeah, I'm torn on this one.

So tell me. Have you read it? Did you love it? Hate it? Was it meh?


  1. I haven't read this one, and I'm the black sheep here, but I couldn't really enjoy Delirium as much as I wanted. So I've also been back and forth between this one as well! But it's definitely worth a try :)


  2. I have so many Lauren Oliver books that I want to read, but I've only read one: Liesl & Po. I ADORED it though but since then, I haven't read anything else by her. I do really want to read this one, and Delirium (which I own) I hope you get to this one soon Teresa, I'd be curious to read your thoughts :)

  3. I know a lot of people really love this one in particular of Lauren's. I don't think Wendy liked it too much, but I think it was more of an issue with the audio narrator? You might want to confer with her!

  4. This is actually one of the better books by her, in my opinion. I really loved this.

  5. Oooo, I did NOT like this book. We must discuss later. Just know that I love you; and if you read this before you read some of the books I've sent you, I'm going to have to pinch you just a little. K? Love you. Don't read this first :)


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