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Book Review: Midnight Revenge (Killer Instincts #7) by: Elle Kennedy

Release Date: February 2, 2016
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

"From the USA Today bestselling author of Midnight Captive, the latest Killer Instincts novel is “off-the-charts-hot”* romantic suspense that takes readers into the heart of an enigmatic mercenary...

Out of all the stone-cold mercenaries in Jim Morgan's black ops organization, Derek “D” Pratt is the most intimidating. He is tight-lipped and covered in tattoos, and even the other guys on his team are afraid to ask him about his past. D’s been off the grid for years, but after his teammate Sullivan is mistakenly captured in his place, D is forced to come out of hiding and face his demons.

When D lands in Mexico, he’s ready to risk everything to save his friend. To complicate matters, Sofia Amaro, a feisty doctor whom D had a one-night stand with months ago, has tracked him down. And in an instant she’s unintentionally caught up in his life-threatening rescue mission.

Now D must extract not one but two people from the most violent world he's ever encountered. And one of them is carrying his child..."

My Thoughts:

This series is really awesome and I have got to make time to catch up and read the beginning of this series. I started this series weird and dove in with Midnight Captive because the allure of an Ireland setting drew me in. I adored that book, so when I had the chance to read Midnight Revenge I jumped on it and I am so glad I did. This was a great read from beginning to end.

I loved D! He was so cranky and I loved the cranky. It truly amused me to watch him get exasperated with everyone around him trying to help. The angrier he got the more it made me chuckle. But I also liked how awkward he could be. It truly took me by surprise what was underneath and his past absolutely shattered my heart. Sean is still my favorite but D did give him a run for his money at times.

I also loved Sofia. She was strong and when faced with danger she stepped up. Her resilience was great and I admired her in a lot of ways. But girl let common sense fly out the window sometimes. Some of her decisions made me crazy. I know this isn’t her normal world, but you would think she would listen to the people who live in this world. But even with that I did really like her.

Not going to lie though, as much as I liked the romance, that wasn’t my favorite part of the story. Sure I liked D and Sofia together and wanted them to make it work, but I was honestly more invested in the rest of the plot. I actually found myself rushing through the romantic scenes to find out what was going to happen next, which never happens with me. All I could focus on was who took Sully, who was really pulling the strings, would the next plan work. There were so many moving parts to this story and I loved that and I loved that the action kept going nonstop.

And this brings me to Sully and Liam. Those two really stole the show for me in this one. I was SO invested in their story that it wasn’t even funny. Sully absolutely broke my heart and watching Liam endlessly searching for his best friend also broke my heart. They are quickly becoming my favorites. And while I’m on secondary characters. I am loving Ash and I want his and Cate’s book SO BAD. That is sure to be entertaining.

All in all, Midnight Revenge was a great read and I am so glad I discovered this series. It’s not like any other series I’ve read and that makes it such a breath of fresh air for me. The action, the romance, everything about it just pulls you in and doesn’t let you go.


  1. Though you didn't like the romance as much as you wanted, the plot does interest me and pull me in! Plus I do love the sound of D! The series definitely sounds unique and one I must get into when I can.

    Lovely review!

  2. That's awesome the plot drove you more than the romance did! In these kinds of romantic suspense books, that's what I prefer! The romance scenes are nice to have, but I feel they shouldn't be so central to the plot when there's already so much suspense! So yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I definitely need to go back and read these. I've only read one!

  3. I haven't heard of this series, but I certainly like the sound of cranky D, Teresa. ;) And I like that more time was spent on the suspense element than the romance element, as it should be in romantic suspense, IMO. Plus, you felt it was refreshing? Score! I'll have to look up this series. Great review!

  4. I started this one the other night. Haven't gotten very far but I do agree D has got the cranky down.

  5. I need to start that one you got for me. I need something different right now. Gotta move it up the list.

  6. Haha! Love the sound of the cranky! I especially love that the action was so great you were racing through the romance! That speaks volumes! Stop filling up my TBR!! No, no, I kid -- never stop. This is going on the list right now. Amazing review, wifey! *smooshy hugs*

  7. Great review! You need to read first books soon! I love them all and I want Ash and Cat's book badly too! Maybe after Liam and Sullivan's book


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