Monday, January 18, 2016

Nicole Speaks: Man Crush Monday: Bones (Night Huntress #1-3)

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Man Crush Monday: Bones
When I first picked up this book Teresa kept saying how much she loves Bones, okay but… I don’t know if I have ever picked up a book she has liked and not heard those words.  But three books in and I LOVE BONES!  He is so different from all the other love interests I usually read about, where the girl is in love with him, doesn’t want to admit it, and has no clue if the feelings are truly mutual.  He holds nothing back when it comes to Cat.  He wants to protect her, but not to the extent where she’s not allowed to do anything, and he never wavers in his feelings for her.  He admits to having fallen in love with her the moment they met (despite the circumstance), and even years apart had no effect on his feelings.  How perfect is he!?  I also adore how (at least so far), no matter what they go through, they go through it together.  I’m not forced to read about their love life struggles and possible break ups and all the stereotypical things that happen in books like these.  Of course they have problems, but they know that they are in love and can make it through whatever comes their way, as long as they’re together.  I know I still have four more books, but I really hope that doesn’t change!  Bones is hot, strong, dangerous, but still caring and loving when it comes to Cat.  I absolutely adore him and can't wait to read the next four books and Bones better not go anywhere!

I think I’ve rambled about Bones enough for now because there are so many secondary characters I’ve fallen in love with that I can ramble about… LIKE VLAD!  Why has he quickly become one of my favorites? I have no idea.  I just love how she took such a famous and notable character and put her own spin on him.  He is powerful and scary, but is also willing to help Cat when she feels like she’s lost everything.  He seems like such a complicated character and I really hope he comes back for more in the rest of the series!

I could go on and on for days about these books, but I think instead I’m going to dive into the next one and obsess over this series some more!


  1. I think I've owned the first book in this series for like 2 years now...and I STILL HAVE NOT READ IT O.O What even?! I know I'll love the series (and Bones) so I need to get on that ASAP. Great post Nicole^^

  2. Aw I'm so glad you love Bones too Nicole! He is definitely amazing and I remember loving him from the beginning too! (I think because he kind of reminded me of Spike from Buffy, hahah)

  3. I'm so happy to fell for Bones and Vlad too, Nicole! They're both swoony! ;)

  4. I've read the first book and I totally fell for Bones right away. I loved your post and I'm so glad I listened to Teresa as well and picked this series up!

    Lovely post Nicole

  5. Oh, please make Man Crush Monday a permanent thing around here because I LOVE it. So glad you're enjoying this series, Nicole -- I can hardly wait to meet Bones!

  6. It's always a good idea to listen to Teresa's opinion on books.


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