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Book Review: Slumber by: Samantha Young

Release Date: May 17, 2011
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"Molded by a tragic childhood, nineteen-year-old Rogan finds it extremely difficult to trust people. Now Haydyn, her best friend and the one person she does trust, is dying and only Rogan can save her.

Setting off on a journey to retrieve the plant that will cure Haydyn and subsequently the ills that will befall them all if she dies, Rogan is stuck in close quarters with a protector she distrusts above all others.

Wolfe Stovia.

The son of the man who destroyed Rogan’s family.

At a constant battle of wills with the handsome Captain of the Guard, Rogan just knows this adventure together will be fraught with tension. She never imagined, however, that the quest would be so dangerous… not least of all when she finds herself falling for a man she could have sworn was her no.1 enemy…

(New Adult, Fantasy Romance: recommended for ages 17+ contains mature situations and some strong language)"

My Thoughts:

I loved this book so much! I have read a bunch of Samantha Young books, but this was my first fantasy of hers and I can’t get over how much I loved it. I would love to see her write some new fantasy because she does it so well. Slumber was a great read and I loved getting lost in this world. I am so happy I finally made time for this one. Yay audiobooks!

I have to start with Rogan because I really liked her a lot. Rogan is one tough cookie, but she isn’t without her faults. She can be incredibly stubborn and she doesn’t always think things through but she is determined and fierce and smart. She may not be strong in a fighter sense, but when her friend is in trouble she steps up with no questions asked and sets out to do what needs to be done. As much as this is a romance, it is also Rogan’s story and her journey of how she learns who she is.

Then we have Wolfe who is simply awesome. I looooooved Wolfe. Wolfe is another stubborn one, so I loved watching him and Rogan butt heads. Wolfe is strong and intimidating and intense. I loved how protective he was of Rogan and it was so obvious he cared for her. It was hard for him to show it, but you could see it. I felt really bad for him because Rogan just wouldn’t give him the time of day for so long.

The romance between Rogan and Wolfe was such a slow burn and I ate it up. Sometimes it was agonizingly slow but in the best way possible. I could feel the tension leaping off the pages. These two went at it so much, but you could see underneath it that they fought so much because they were trying to cloak how they truly felt. It takes Rogan a long time to come to terms with the way she feels about Wolfe, and while her back and forth can be frustrating for the reader, it also makes complete sense. I mean, Wolfe’s father killed her family… that isn’t something that’s easy to get over. Even when she recognizes how she feels, it’s tough because she feels as if she is betraying her family. So while I may have wanted her to just stop thinking and kiss, I totally understood why she felt the way she did and acted the way she did.

Other than the romance though, this world is also great. I loved the magic and the danger. I loved that there was such a strong female friendship and the lengths Rogan was willing to go to for her best friend. This was a great world to get lost in and I loved how big Samantha made it. The different range of magic was so interesting and the idea of a sleeping sickness was really intriguing. Just all around a great plot and world.

All in all, Slumber was a really great read and I loved this one from beginning to end. I can’t recommend this one to fantasy fans enough.


  1. I love stubborn characters. They drive me crazy but their the ones I always love the most so I know I must meet Rogan and Wolfe! I also love the sound of the world. Feels like a book that is wonderful to get lost in!

    Definitely have to pick this one up!

    Lovely review my dear friend :)

  2. Oooh! I didn't know Samantha wrote fantasy? That's awesome! I definitely want to try this one some day! I like the sound of both Wolfe and Rogan! And yay for slow burn! I love couples that butt heads. So much fun!

  3. I love the premise, Rogan's compassion and loyalty, and a slow-burn romance...I'll be giving this a go. I'm glad you discovered this, Teresa!

  4. I need to try this author again. I know you have loved her so much.


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