Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Book To Movie Adaptations I'm Looking Forward To/ Still Need To Watch

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.

I have such a love/hate relationship with book to movie adaptations. I never fail to get excited for them BUT then I am usually let down because the movie just can't live up to the book. But regardless, I always get excited. So here are some of the adaptations I cannot wait for (and some are still in super early stages of development) and some adaptations I still need to watch (all I am looking forward to, just haven't made time yet).

Adaptations I'm Looking Forward To:

Adaptations I Still Need To Watch:


  1. So looking forward to Mockingjay! Would love to watch Obsidian on the big screen.

  2. OBSIDIAN!! This made me list too! Forgot Red Queen...really need to read that one still!

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  3. It's sooo rare for a movie to be as good as the book. And I'm so excited about Obsidian *major fingers crossed about that one* and I can't wait to see Mockingjay either. Of course I can't wait for Ugly Love! And I didn't know about Red Queen! Definitely excited for all of those :)

  4. Hell yes Mockingjay!! DYING to see that one, even though I'm sure it'll be heartbreaking. I think we all need closure after how part 1 ended XD I kind of want to read Maze Runner before seeing the movie - and I really need to get on that! Awesome list here^^ xx

  5. I almost forgot about Ugly Love! I love this project!

  6. Girl, you know I am DYING for Obsidian to become a movie. So excited! I wasn't much of a fan of Ugly Love though (damn "Rachel"). I need to catch up on the movies that are already out, too.

  7. Mockingjay for me too, and I liked Insurgent though I know not everyone did. Usually I hate when movies deviate from the book, so not sure why Insurgent didn't bother me more, but it just seemed like a fun movie.

  8. I wish they'd hurry up and make Obsidian. I really want see Katy and Daemon on the big screen.

  9. Really excited for Mockingjay Part 2!
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  10. Yes, yes, yes, yes to you first 4!! Fifty was actually pretty good - I thought, anyway. Haven't seen Divergent or Maze Runner movies...haven't read the books yet and that's a must for me. :)


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