Thursday, October 8, 2015

Coloring Book Review: The Vampire Combat Field Guide by: Roger Ma

Release Date: October 6, 2015
from Berkley
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
"In The Vampire Combat Manual, Roger Ma, the nation’s preeminent expert in undead warfare,
prepared the average citizen to defend against a brutal vampire attack. But without appropriate training, even the most adept slayer of bloodsuckers can be left vulnerable.

Therefore, the Institute for Undead Combat Studies has once again created an essential practice handbook for anyone seeking to avoid serious injury, infection, or death at the hands of a vampire. This comprehensive guide includes:

*Detailed illustrations to aid in identifying various types of the undead and their vulnerabilities, as well as anatomical drawings you can color to promote knowledge retention

*Interactive mental and physical exercises that will teach invaluable fighting techniques and prepare you for battle

*Work pages to hone weapon selection, defensive and offensive techniques, and precise staking strategies

*and much more!

With the proper preparation, no one need fear death by exsanguination or an eternity spent in darkness. Learn to ward off these bloodthirsty creatures while you can—or say good-bye to your days in the sun…"

My Thoughts:

When I got the email with a chance to review an adult coloring book with vampires I jumped at the opportunity. This was a fun activity book and I enjoyed channeling my inner child while reading and coloring. The book contains all sorts of tips and tricks for combating vampires. Vampires are my favorite paranormal creature so I loved that they were the focus of this book. I would definitely recommend this to people looking for a fun way to pass some time and relax. The book is an extremely easy read and is great for relaxing and de-stressing. Below are some of the pages from the book. My personal favorite was the Seducers identification page. It made me think of so many of my favorite vampire heroes. 


  1. I just started getting into adult coloring books I would love to review some! How do you go about doing that?

  2. Looks fun. Hearing more and more about adult coloring books.

  3. This looks like so much fun!! Holy cow! :D

  4. I adore this! I love coloring, and I am not ashamed! This is so much fun -- thanks for sharing, wifey!


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