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Book Review: Strong Enough (Tall, Dark, & Dangerous #1) by: M. Leighton

Release Date: August 4, 2015
from Berkley
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

"From the author of the New York Times bestselling Bad Boys novels comes the first in a dark, sexy contemporary trilogy.

Is she strong enough to trust the most dangerous man she’s ever met? And is he strong enough to let her?

How would I describe myself? Well, I’m Muse Harper. I’m a twenty-something painter who loves red wine, quirky movies, and men with a fatal flaw. But that was before I met Jasper King. He became my fatal flaw. Eight months ago, I had a choice to make—abandon everything I’ve ever known to protect my family, or stay and risk someone getting hurt. I chose the former. My plan was working just fine until I found out my father had gone missing.

That’s when I met Jasper. A bounty hunter with the eyes of a tiger and the nose of a bloodhound, he was supposed to help me find my father. What I didn’t know was that meeting him was no accident. Hunting people isn’t all that Jasper does. And helping me was only part of his plan. I just wish I’d found out sooner, before my heart got involved. But even then, I don’t know if I’d have done things differently.

Now, I have another choice to make—trust the man that I’m falling in love with and hope that he’ll do the right thing, or run as far away from him as I can get."

My Thoughts:

Whenever I pick up an M. Leighton book, I know I am in for a good time and Strong Enough was no exception. Michelle just knows how to tell a great story and her writing gets better and better with each book. I loved the suspense angle she added with Strong Enough and I also enjoyed the romance. It was a great blend of those elements.

Muse was a likable heroine. Michelle has a knack for writing great female leads, who are a great combination of strength and determination, but still feel realistic. I liked Muse a lot and I liked that she was willing to take that extra step and risk herself for those she loves.

As for Jasper, well I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love Jasper right away. He made me very uncomfortable in the beginning and I just didn’t fall for him immediately. He is just so intense and I think maybe a tad too intense for me at times. Jasper had to work very hard for my love, but in the end he earned it. He has had a troubled past and it has left its mark on him, but he isn’t the monster he thinks he is.

Surprisingly, my favorite things about Strong Enough have nothing to do with the romance, although I did like Muse and Jasper together. What I liked most though was the suspense plot in this one. I was so curious as to what put all of the events in motion and who was behind it. I wanted to uncover every secret and pull back every characters many layers. There were even moments where I was like “stop kissing and tell me what is going on”, and anyone who knows me knows that I never say things like that. My other favorite thing was the prologue. The prologue is absolutely gut wrenching and it broke me into a million pieces. It was amazingly written and I loved it.

Strong Enough was another great read from Michelle. This author just works for me and I know I am always going to enjoy her books. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this series delivers. 


  1. You know I agree. You're so right about the great story and romance. ALWAYS with this author.

  2. You are the one who introduced me to M. Leighton with There's Wild, Then There's You, and I have no doubt that this book would be just as amazing!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll definitely have to pick this one up ASAP! :D

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  3. I have to agree with you. The suspense was so well written, intense, and very much captured my attention. Pulled me in. I'm glad that Jasper won you over. He was intense, but I enjoyed that. I think I loved his character development a lot too.

    Wonderful review! *HUGGLES* I misses you!

  4. I have to admit, I've been liking everything else except for the romances lately. I think I've been desensitized!

  5. The suspense and Muse and Jaspar together do sound like they make this one a good one

  6. Lol, it's a good sign when the actual plot/suspense is more important than the romance. It's been way too long since I've read a Leighton book and I need to rectify that soon.

  7. Great review! I just finished reading this one today and I really enjoyed it a lot. I definitely agree that my favorite aspect of this story was the plot. It had a lot of twists and I couldn't stop reading until I knew all of the answers.

  8. Well, you've got me all excited about this book now, thanks to your great review! I'm so very curious as to how this relationship plays out. And Jasper must be extra intriguing for you to have not-quite-liked-him at first, and then falling for him!

    I love the combination of suspense and romance, and this book sure seems to have the perfect balance of both! Thanks for introducing me to this author! I'm adding this to my Goodreads TBR right away! : )


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