Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekly Recap 7/12/2015

So it has been two weeks since I have done a recap, so I have a decent amount of books to discuss this week. As usual I grabbed some freebies: Incandescent (THAT COVER OMG), That Boy, Escorted, and It's In His Heart (this was my amazon prime perk). Then I grabbed The Closer You Come and Melt For Him while they were on sale. Then I got Chasing Impossible and I cannot wait to dive into Abby's story! I also grabbed Always With You Part Two because Michelle rocks. I also snagged Hunter off of Netgalley. That cover sold me! Thank you Disney-Hyperion! Then I got some surprises from Scholastic in The House on Stones Throw Island and The Watchmen of Port Fayte. Thanks Scholastic! Next up I got my very first Bookworm Box and I was incredibly happy with the books in there! Both were already on my TBR and I totally flailed over the signed Elle Kennedy book! I also ordered some books from Book Outlet since I'm trying to collect all of The Last Apprentice books and they had a bunch of them; Rage of the Fallen, A Coven of Witches, Slither, Wrath of the Bloodeye, Lure of the Dead, and Eve. Then I got myself the UK copy of Unchained so I had a physical copy for my shelf. And last but not least I got myself some Nicole Williams goodies. I bought myself the UK copy of Up In Flames because I recently read and ADORED this book and the US doesn't have a paperback copy and I also got a paperback of Heart & Soul because that series owns me.

Goodreads Links:
 Incandescent by: River Savage
That Boy by: Jillian Dodd
Escorted by: Claire Kent
It's In His Heart by: Shelly Alexander
The Closer You Come by: Gena Showalter
Melt For Him by: Lauren Blakley
Chasing Impossible by: Katie McGarry
Always With You Part Two by: M Leighton
Hunter by: Mercedes Lackey
The Watchmen of Port Fayt by: Conrad Mason
The Deal by: Elle Kennedy
A Stone In The Sea by: A.L. Jackson
Rage of the Fallen by: Joseph Delaney
A Cove Of Witches by: Jospeh Delaney
Slither by: Joseph Delaney
Wrath of the Bloodeye by: Joseph Delaney
Lure of the Dead by: Joseph Delaney
Eve by: Anna Carey
Unchained by: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Up In Flames by: Nicole Williams
Heart & Soul by: Nicole Williams


  1. Wow what a great haul you've gotten over the last two weeks. I definitely need to grab Unchained since the UK has a paperback version. I also got Chasing Impossible and cannot wait to read that amazing story. Hope you enjoy the rest since I haven't heard of them. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. OOoh very nice! I'll have to order that paperback copy of Unchained soon! I saw it last week but didn't have time to order it! week will be too busy either, but definitely SOON!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Loved Chasing Impossible, hope that you do too

  4. You got my favoritest book! THE DEAL. I can't wait for you to read it! I can't wait to read Chasing Impossible either. I might have to start that one this month! I also am curious about Hunter!

    Happy reading lovely! MISS YOU!

  5. UNCHAINED in paperback! I have been buying the UK covers on JLA books I love and I ordered Unchained too. Should be coming soon!

  6. Oh my gosh! So many wonderful looking books! *grabby hands* I got Chasing Impossible as well, and I can't wait to read that one!

    Happy reading and hope you have another great bookish week :)


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