Thursday, July 23, 2015

Burn, Rewrite, or Re-Read Tag!

Jessica from Lovin Los Libros tagged me in the Burn, Rewrite, or Re-Read Tag and I couldn't be more excited! So let's do this!

The rules: there are three rounds, wherein I use a random number picker applied to my “read” shelf on Goodreads for three books, and then decide what I’ll do to those three: burn, rewrite, or reread. 

Round One:

What kind of fresh hell is this?!?!

Burn: Okay, so by process of elimination I guess I would have to burn Runes because the other two books are two of my all time favorites never to be beaten. I really enjoyed that book but... yeah.
Rewrite: I think I would rewrite Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and it would be a very simple rewrite and would go something like this... "And then Harry went to the ministry and saw Sirius walk out from the other side of the veil and he wasn't dead. The end." I will never move on from that death... EVER!
Re-Read: I would definitely re-read Breakable because I absolutely adored that book and Lucas is the best!

Round Two:
Burn: Okay this one is pretty easy. Would definitely go with Fallen here. I just did not love those books.
Rewrite: Probably Until We Fly and nothing major. There was just some super fast healing on Brand's part that I would probably make take a bit longer.
Re-Read: Up In Flames for sure! I loved this book and I loved Cole! 

Round Three:

Burn: I'd have to go with Scan here just because I didn't love it as much as the other two books.
Rewrite: Definitely Becoming Rain! I would make Clara fess up to Luke sooner and clue him in and I would also add a bit more to the epilogue. I just wanted a little bit more of these two!
Re-Read: Near & Far!! Jesse and Rowen own me! Those two are one of my favorite fictional couples in the history of forever.

Okay that hurt my soul but was really fun! I am going to tag:
Michele and Mckenzie from A Belle's Tales
and anyone else who wants to play!


  1. Ooh that round 3 is a hard one! I haven't read Scan, but I probably would have taken the same route you did. LOL.

    A huge HELL YES to what you said about rewriting HBP. I'm still freaking traumatized over Sirius. *cries*

  2. How fun! I gotta agree with that hell you were in for round one! Good job getting through it.

  3. Oh, I like this tag, very cool. I'd def rewrite HP so that Sirius didn't die. Sniff sniff. And yes, I'd totally burn Fallen a million times over! Jesse & Rowen! I SO need to re-read their story.

  4. The only book I've read was Harry Potter and yeah, I would probably rewrite it as well. Not one of my favorites!

  5. OH! Such a fun post! I probably would burn Runes as well and rewrite Harry Potter, just a bit :)

    Definitely doing this post! Thanks for tagging me! *huggles*

  6. Cool tag!

    I'd burn Fallen too! That book sucks! And that would be a good rewrite to HP, Sirius alive! OMG!


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