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Book Review: Out Of The Shallows (Into The Deep #2) by: Samantha Young

Release Date: April 10, 2014
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"From the New York Times bestselling author of Into the Deep

Charley and Jake’s story concludes in Out of the Shallows…

Somehow, after everything they’ve been through, Jake Caplin and Charley Redford made their way back to one another. But finding each other and staying together are two completely different things.

When Charley’s world is flipped upside down, she begins to question the choices and decisions she’s made since her arrival in Edinburgh, and in an effort to grip onto what she holds most dear she believes she must sacrifice her love for Jake.

Returning to the States for her senior year, Charley struggles to find peace and happiness. While everyone else seems to be finding themselves in college, Charley is terrified that, along with almost everything else that’s important to her, she’s lost herself.

While friends and family deal with their own tumultuous lives, there is one person resolved to uncover the reason behind Charley’s sudden defection and unhappiness. Refusing to give up without a fight, Jake believes he is the only one who can truly understand what Charley is going through, and this time he’s determined to prove he’s there for her no matter what obstacles are thrown in their way.

However, as Charley strives to make it through the biggest personal journey of her life thus far, there is no guarantee that the woman she is becoming will still need Jake as much as the girl she once was did..."

My Thoughts:

This book has me all over the place. My emotions are an absolute mess and the book made me so angry for so many reasons. BUT the book also made me feel. I mean, obviously I was invested in Charley and Jake if they could get to me the way they did, so that has to count for something. This review may get ranty in parts. You have been warned.

To start, Charley drove me absolutely bonkers. I wanted to shake her and I hated what she did to Jake. One could argue that Jake pulled something similar and I was able to forgive him, but in my opinion those situations are very different. First, Jake was a kid and did not know how to respond maturely. Charley is supposed to be an adult. Second, Charley should know how this feels. She knows what it feels like to have this done to you, so her doing it to Jake just felt cruel in my opinion. But I also got it. I could see what this was doing to Charley and her reason isn’t rational, but she can’t shake it. As much as I was mad at her, I was also heartbroken for her.

Also, as much as Charley drove me nuts, it was the people around her that made me even madder. Her father and mother were incredibly selfish. And then they had the gall to tell her not to be selfish. Some of the things they said and the way they treated her was deplorable at times. And then there was Andi. She drove me insane. I was furious with Andi for the way she was to Charley and then I was mad at Charley for blaming herself. I have two sisters. And I know that no matter what decisions they make, I would never do what Andi did to Charley to them. I may not agree with their choices, but it’s not my life. It’s my job to support them and help them with what they want to do. Andi forgot that and thought she could control Charley’s life. That whole thing made me crazy. And what made me crazier was that everyone then blamed Charley. It hurt my heart that nobody seemed to think it was okay for Charley to make her own decisions.

But then there was Jake and I adore Jake. I somehow fell for him harder in this book. Boy has the patience of a saint and there were times where I was ready to tell Jake he could do so much better than Charley. The only thing that stopped me was knowing how much he loved Charley and knowing that she was who he wanted.

The other thing I struggled with in Out Of The Shallows is that part of me felt like the whole book was made up of unnecessary angst and drama. I just really feel like it all could have been wrapped up sooner and so many things happened that didn’t need to happen. I mean, how much can one couple take. Charley and Jake were pushed to the breaking point and it really hurt watching them try to make it through. Their HEA from Into The Deep was smashed into bits and I was not okay with that.

Like with Into The Deep, Out Of The Shallows was written in two time periods. I enjoyed the Edinburgh time periods so much more than the current time periods. Those were probably my favorite parts of the book. I also loved the ending though. Once things finally came together and Charley finally started becoming herself again I was a much happier reader. And the ending gave me all the feels.

All in all, Out Of The Shallows made me irrationally angry, but it also made me feel and hurt. Clearly I came to love these characters and I hurt alongside them and that means something. These characters got under my skin, and despite them making me want to strangle them, I also loved them. So if you like your books with a ton of angst and feels, Out Of The Shallows is for you.


  1. Great to hear you came to love the characters even if some of them grated at first

  2. I struggle with characters that do things that are close to unforgivable. I'm glad you still enjoyed it.

  3. Oh boy, the unnecessary drama and the crazy characters is making this a no no for me. I'm still gonna give the 1st book a read though and I'm looking forward to getting to know Jake. At least you made it through til the end.

  4. Great review! I've been curious about starting this series because I loved Samantha Young's other books.These characters definitely sound complicated though and like they would be make me angry too. I think I will definitely still give the first book a chance though.

  5. Sounds like a lot of characters drove you a bit crazy. But I'm glad you enjoyed it! A book that brings the feels is good, though! Not sure if I'll every pick this one up, I'm glad to read that despite all the anger, you loved the feels this one brought.

    Wonderful read


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