Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Book Review: Descent (Kissed By Death #3) by: Tara Fuller

Release Date: June 2, 2015
from Entangled Teen
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
"Easton doesn’t believe in love. He believes in Death. Darkness. Sin. As a reaper for Hell, it’s all he’s known for over four hundred years. When he gets slapped with the job of training the boss’s daughter, an angel who knows nothing but joy, he knows he’s in for a world of trouble.

Though he’s made it clear he wants nothing to do with her outside of work, Gwen would do anything to get closer to the dark and wounded reaper—even taint her angelic image and join the ranks of her father’s team of reapers. But in all her planning, she forgot to factor in one thing—how far the demons Easton doomed to hell would go to get revenge.

When the dangers of the Hell threaten Gwen, Easton will do whatever it takes to save her. But as the darkness closes in on them both, will he be able to save himself?"

My Thoughts:

I have been waiting for this book for such a long time now and I’m so glad we finally got Easton’s story. This has been such a fun, yet slightly dark, series and I’ve enjoyed following these characters along.

Easton has intrigued me from the moment I met him. He is so dark and kinda scary, but at the same time he always felt like a good guy. He put up a scary front but I always wondered what was underneath that front. I really enjoyed getting to know him. He has a dark past and he has suffered immensely during his years as a reaper for hell. Some of the things he has endured are unspeakable. But despite all of that, he still managed to remain a good person underneath it all and that makes him special.

Gwen is basically Easton’s opposite in every way but you know what they say… opposites attract. Gwen sees Easton for who he is and sees his goodness. She has lived a very sheltered life and when she finally gets out it shows. Her innocence and naivety could be frustrating, but at the same times it’s understandable. Her acting otherwise wouldn’t be believable.

Easton and Gwen together just work and I really liked them as a couple. Easton proves that he is willing to do pretty much anything for Gwen. The pain he put himself through was crazy and he did it because he finally found someone he could love. Easton is special. I couldn’t believe what he was willing to trade just to keep Gwen safe. But the best part is, it goes both ways. Easton spends a lot of time trying to save Gwen. But Gwen isn’t weak. Underneath her innocence is a strong and stubborn girl. And when push comes to shove Gwen can do some saving of her own.

Descent was another good addition to the series (although Blurred remains my favorite) and it was also a lot darker than the first two. Descent stands out in the series because a majority of the book actually takes place in hell and as you can imagine that was rough. There are horrors there and torture and pain. Some of the horrors make my skin crawl just thinking about it. But I actually really liked that this book took place in a completely different realm. At heart I am a paranormal fan, so I love when I get to visit new places, even when those places are terrifying.

Descent was a really enjoyable read and I was able to devour it in one sitting. Fans of the series will not want to miss Easton’s story.


  1. My review for this one post on Friday. Love both of them! I also read it in one sitting!

  2. darker, i love going dark esp with YA fantasy novels. I guess i'm too old to appreciate bubble gum plots lol

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed this Teresa! I really need to start the series already! I have the first two! LOL. I like they are opposites. I'm excited to see that dynamic.

  4. Wonderful review! I got a copy of it, but I've been busy so I haven't had time to pick it up :( BUT your review lets me know that when I have time, I must! The setting definitely makes me curious.

    Wonderful review :)

  5. I LOVED Tara's version of Hell and that's what really sold the book for me. Idk what that says about me, lol. But yes, Easton was everything I was hoping for and more. Loved him!

  6. I loved the first two in this series and somehow missed this one coming up. Thanks for getting it back on my radar.

  7. Another series I need to add to my list! I'm so happy you loved Easton and Gwen's story! I love the whole 'opposites attract' angle. And Easton just sounds dark and delicious! Wonderful review! *smoosh*


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