Friday, April 10, 2015

Book Review: Awakening by: Shannon Duffy

Release Date: April 7, 2015
from Entangled Teen
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
"A thrilling, futuristic sci-fi novel set in a unique and thought-provoking world, from author Shannon Duffy.

Desiree Six (because she was born on a Friday) believes in everything the Protectorate stands for. She likes the safety and security of having her entire life planned out—her career, her mate, even the date of her death. She doesn't even think to question when Darian, her childhood friend and neighbor, is convicted of murdering his parents. They had seemed like such a loving family. But if he was convicted, then he must have done it.

Then Darian shows up in her room late one night. He has escaped from the Terrorscape—a nightmare machine used to punish all Noncompliants—and needs Desiree's help. What he tells her rocks her world to its core and makes her doubt everything she's ever been told. With this new information, will Desiree and Darian be able to escape the Protectorate before it's too late?"

My Thoughts:

When I was offered this book for review, I jumped on it. I have been reading so much contemporary lately that I just needed something outside of that and Awakening sounded like just the right book. I needed something that was different from what I had been reading and Awakening delivered just that.

Dystopians can be very hit or miss with me, but I found myself enjoying Awakening. Desiree as a character was likable and she is a good perspective to read from. Darian is sweet and a bit mysterious, so that makes him enjoyable. I liked seeing them together and their interactions were subtly sweet and adorable.

I also enjoyed how Awakening was a good blend of typical dystopian elements as well as some new elements. I feel like if you took Matched, Delirium, and maybe a dab of Divergent it would combine to give you Awakening. We start off with the obedient heroine who loves the government but then slowly begins to realize that everything is not as it seems. Yes, this is basically every dystopian ever BUT Shannon Duffy incorporates an element into Awakening that I have not seen  before and I really enjoyed that. See, in this world, the main way the government controls you is through a sleeping device. You can't sleep without this device, so it really makes you dependent on the government. I thought this was a really cool twist. It was interesting to see something that comes to us so naturally twisted and turned into something so controlled. There were a few other elements that really took me by surprise, but I can't discuss them because of spoilers, but I did like the few little twists and turns.

All in all, Awakening is an enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend this one to dystopian fans. 


  1. lovely review, sound like a good book, this is the first i hear about this book :D I will add it to my TBR :D

  2. I agree. And I really enjoyed this one as well.

  3. You've gotta love a dystopian that gives you a few 'new' elements and that can take you by surprise. Awakening sounds like a good read, Teresa. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. :)

  4. That is a very interesting idea to apply to the dystopian genre. I'm definitely interested in this one now! I remember seeing it, but unsure about it. I think I'll have to read this one!!

    Lovely amazing review :D

  5. Yay! I'm so happy you liked this one, too. You know me, dystopians usually don't work, but this one was great. I def liked Desiree, too.

  6. I'm glad you liked this one hun! I saw someone else review it not too long ago and they did as well! I haven't read a dystopian in awhile, so maybe I'll end up giving this one a shot!

  7. Hmm I'm not the biggest dystopian reader and with the comparisons, though lovely, I'm not sure I'm the right reader for this book. Glad you enjoyed it though

  8. This sounds great! I love a good dystopian, and I will have to add this to my list. Thanks for sharing your wonderful review! *glomps*


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