Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Recap 2/22/2015

Once again I got more books than I really need but I have decided to just stop fighting myself on this because clearly I am out of control. I got one freebie this week in Picture Perfect. Then I grabbed some books while they were on sale: Alex (ummm hockey players YES PLEASE) and A Necessary Sin. Then I grabbed Try With Me. I had to get this one. I really like this series and I am excited for Jamie's story. Then I got Losers Weepers since I am on the blog tour and I seriously could not be any more excited. This is one of my all time favorite series and I didn't think we were going to get more BUT we do and I can't wait! I'm coming for you Garth! Then I bought myself copies of Greta and the Goblin King and Greta and the Glass Kingdom. I love this series and I just had to add them to my shelf. My preorder of The Return also arrived. I LOVED this book, so I needed a finished copy. Then I also got myself a copy of Red Queen because I could not resist that cover. Then I got sucked into another book outlet order when they had their Presidents Day sale. So I got The Inheritance Almanac (this was only 99 pennies OMG), Curse of the Bane (really excited to read this series), Ready To Wed, Article 5, Breaking Point, Three, What Happened To Goodbye, Along For The Ride, Romeo Redeemed, and Misunderstandings. 

Goodreads Links:
Picture Perfect by: Ella Fox
Alex by: Sawyer Bennett
A Necessary Sin by: Georgia Cates
Try With Me by: Elyssa Patrick
Losers Weepers by: Nicole Williams
Greta and the Goblin King by: Chloe Jacobs
Greta and the Glass Kingdom by: Chloe Jacobs
The Return by: Jennifer L Armentrout
Red Queen by: Victoria Aveyard 
The Inheritance Almanac by: Michael Macauley
Curse of the Bane by: Joseph Delaney
Ready To Wed by: Cindi Madsen
Article 5 by: Kristen Simmons
Breaking Point by: Kristen Simmons
Three by: Kristen Simmons
What Happened To Goodbye by: Sarah Dessen
Along For The Ride by: Sarah Dessen
Romeo Redeemed by: Stacey Jay
Misunderstandings by: Tiffany King

Greta and the Glass Kingdom by: Chloe Jacobs

Waiting On Wednesday: Velvet by: Temple West

Other Fun:
Apollycon Author Feature: Sarah J Maas


  1. OOOh nice! I like the copies of Chloe Jacobs books! For the moment I just have those on my Kindle, plus the original paperback...but I might need to buy those! But I have got to wait until I find a job because I've been shopping a little too much lately! LOL!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. YAY for being out of control when it comes to books! 'Cause I am as well! Though I have gotten a bit better.... sort of... You got a lot of books that look really amazing! I also got Red Queen! I can't wait to read it. And I am excited for you to read the Article 5 series :)


  3. Awesome haul! Enjoy your new books!

    Come and check out OUaT's STS and ENTER our giveaways!

  4. Try With Me sounds good-- hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

  5. YAY for Losers Weepers! Starting it tonight! SO excited! And I def need to grab Try With Me! I just read Alex and really enjoyed it! You and those B.O. orders girl... Hahaha! Enjoy lovely!

  6. I'm really curious about Greta and the Goblin, I can't wait to (eventually) see your review! :)

  7. Book Outlet FTW!! Haha! Love, love, love the covers and this awesome haul! Enjoy, Wifey *cuddles*


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