Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekly Recap 1/25/2015

So life is still crazy busy, so I have had pretty much no reading time, but hopefully I will get back into the swing of things soon. So first up, this week I got an ARC of Greta and the Glass Kingdom. I have been waiting so long for this book and I am so excited to finally have it! Really want to get to this one soon because I loved the first book and I adore the author. Then I also got a review copy of Hell's Ink. Beautiful Ink was one of my very favorite reads last year and I am so ready for some Hold now! Nicole is a sweetheart and I am so excited to dive into her next book. Continuing the biker books, I also received an ARC of Kick. This is another one I am really looking forward to. It sounds incredibly dark and gritty and twisted, but I will read anything Carmen decides to write so I am really looking forward to it. Then I also got Becoming Rain for review off of NetGalley (BIG THANKS TO ATRIA) and I was squeeing with delight when I got approved. Burying Water was amazing! And then I also got a surprise ARC in the mail from Berkley in The Enticement. This totally made my day. I love that series and was dying for that book. Big thanks to Berkley! So clearly it was an AWESOME week for ARCs and review books. Then I grabbed One To Hold and Game For Marriage because they were free. I also got When We Collide while it was on sale. I also got Never Never because it is CoHo and I adore her books. Then last but not least I got Inspire and See Me to bring with me to Apollycon next month to get signed. So yeah... it was a good bookish week.

Goodreads Links:
Greta and the Glass Kingdom by: Chloe Jacobs
Hell's Ink by: Nicole Reed
Kick by: Carmen Jenner
Becoming Rain by: KA Tucker
One To Hold by: Tia Louise
Game For Marriage by: Karen Erickson
When We Collide by: AL Jackson
The Enticement by: Tara Sue Me
Never Never by: Colleen Hoover and Taryn Fisher
Inspire by: Cora Carmack
See Me by: Wendy Higgins

Post Recap:
Release Day Blitz: Hell's Ink by: Nicole Reed
Apollycon Author Feature: Cora Carmack
Character Spotlight: Roth


  1. I got Game for Marriage this week too. Happy reading! My STS

  2. Wow! Great haul this week! I read Greta and the Glass Kingdom just last week and really loved it! So can't wait for the next book! Hopefully the wait for that one won't be as long!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Hopefully you can get some reading time in soon! I also got Greta and the Class Kingdom and I soooo cannot wait to read that on! I also got Becoming Rain, still need to read Burying Water though (I WILL!) I need to get Never Never... Definitely need to get that one! Looks like you had a good week, though!

    Mugghle huggles!!

  4. One to Hold sounds like it will be a great read. Hope that you enjoy and have a great upcoming week.

  5. Becoming Rain! No one told me it was on NG! I requested it yesterday so fingers are crossed. I love Berkley and their surprise ARCs! They make me so happy! I'm glad you got Greta! I know how much you love that series. :)

    Enjoy girl! The craziness is hopefully almost over for you!

  6. A paperback of Inspire? Sweet!

  7. I got When We Collide and Becoming Rain too, so excited! I didn't know Never Never was in print.

  8. Wow sounds like you had an amazing week where books are concerned. I am super jealous. I'm really trying not to buy anything until I finish a couple more books. I hope you enjoy all of those. I will be waiting on your reviews since I haven't heard of any of the books you got this week.


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