Friday, January 16, 2015

I Mustache You Some Questions

I was tagged by Jessica at Lovin Los Libros.

Four names people call me other than my real name:

1. Terri- This is the nickname my family uses... actually nobody in my family ever refers to me as Teresa.

2. Tess/Tessa- This is another family nickname, but only the people in my immediate family ever use it.

3. Tee- This nickname was given to me in college because my team was lazy and never said full words lol.

4. T-Money- *sigh* this is what they call me at work now... how this happened, I have no clue.

Four jobs I've had:

1. Dance Teacher- Fun fact, I took dance classes my entire childhood and only stopped when I went away for college. So my first job was an assistant dance teacher and I also taught classes on my own eventually. This was such a wonderful job and so much fun.

2. Golf Camp Counselor- During the summers while I was in college I was a camp counselor for a golf camp. Basically I hung around with kids all day, played golf, and got a tan. It was awesome.

3. I also sold tickets for various sporting events all throughout college. This was fun too because I usually worked with one of my friends.

4. And now I play with numbers all day--- woot.

Four movies I would/have watched more than once:

and here comes my nerdery...

1. Lord of The Rings- I have watched these movies a lot. They are my go to when I can't pick what I want to watch.

2. Harry Potter- I am a Potterhead and I can watch these movies over and over. And every time I watch them I sit there and explain all the differences from the books because it gives  me some kind of perverse pleasure.

3. Miracle- I adore this movie! Hockey is my favorite sport and there is just something about this movie that makes me incredibly happy. 

4. Beauty and the Beast- I can quote this movie beginning to end, I have seen it so many times.

Four books I'd recommend:

just four?!?! really?!?! so hard!

1. Pieces of Olivia by: Melissa West

2. Cruel Beauty by: Rosamund Hodge

3. Wicked by: Jennifer L. Armentrout

4. On Dublin Street by: Samantha Young

Four places I have lived:

I've lived in NYC my whole life =]

Four places I have been:

1. Orlando, Florida (DISNEY!)

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. Tennessee/Alabama (this was one trip for a golf tournament, we actually got to go to Graceland which was pretty cool) 

4. Hershey, Pennsylvania

Four places I'd rather be right now:

1. Disney!

2. Ireland.. I've always wanted to visit.

3. In my bed with a book and netflix.

4. Somewhere with chocolate.

Four things I don't eat:

1. Indian

2. Cauliflower

3. Anything that is called a casserole... I have no clue why

4. Mushrooms

Four of my favorite foods:

1. Lobster

2. Tortellini with Alfredo Sauce

3. Burritos

4. Homemade Mac and Cheese

Four TV shows that I watch:

1. The Walking Dead

2. Game of Thrones

3. Black Sails

4. Galavant

Ones I repeat watch:

1. The Walking Dead

2. Game of Thrones

3. South Park

4. Ghost Adventures (this is me and my sisters new obsession)

Four things I am looking forward to this year (2015):

1. Apollycon!!!

2. Disney!!!

3. Harry Potter World!!!

4. NY Rangers game! 

Four things I'm always saying:

1. "b-t-dubbs"

2. "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

3. "Screw you guys... I'm going home."

4. "What the actual f*ck."

Four People I Tag:

I'm just going to tag any and all bloggers. If you want to do it, just say I tagged you =]


  1. I'm totally doing this! Harry Potter, LotR, and Beauty and the Beast! All the way!I actually had a LotR marathon just a week or so ago. And I love having HP marathons! WHoop!

    You rock my socks! *huggles*

  2. LOL somewhere with chocolate is always a great place to be :D I agree. Anyhow I salute you for managing to pick only 4 books. That would be tough. Great post, Tee :D

  3. How fun!

    I hate cauliflower too, it has that smell to it like rotting cabbage.

  4. How can you rec only 4 books? Wow. I'm impressed you narrowed it down but I so agree with Wicked!

  5. I adore this, and while I knew a lot of these things... some were new Wifey facts!! Is it too late for me to do this?? I want tooooo! Oh, and mushrooms are VILE! You and I will never have a problem sharing a pizza because we are twins! *squish*

    1. DO IT! It is never too late to do and I want to learn new Wifey tid bits!


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