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Book Review: Dictatorship of the Dress (Much "I Do" About Nothing #1) by: Jessica Topper

Release Date: January 6, 2014 from Berkley
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
"From Jessica Topper, author of the “beautiful and engaging” (Open Book Society) debut novel Louder than Love, comes the story of second chances, missed flights, and a woman ruled by her mother’s wedding dress.

As the dress-bearer for her mother’s wedding, comic book artist Laney Hudson has a lot more baggage than the bulky garment bag she’s lugging from New York to Hawaii. Laney is determined to prove she’s capable of doing something right, but running chores for her mom’s fairytale nuptials is proving to be a painfully constant reminder of her own lost love.

So when she’s mistaken for the bride and bumped up to first class, Laney figures some stress-free luxury is worth a harmless white lie. Until the flight crew thinks that the man sitting next to her is Laney’s groom, and her little fib turns into a hot mess.

The last thing Noah Ridgewood needs is some dress-obsessed diva landing in his first-class row. En route to his Vegas bachelor party, the straight-laced software designer knows his cold feet have nothing to do with the winter weather.

When a severe storm leaves them grounded in Chicago and they find themselves booked into the last available honeymoon suite, Laney and her in-flight neighbor have little choice but to get better acquainted. Now, as her bridal mission hangs in the balance, perhaps the thing Laney gets right is a second chance at love."

My Thoughts:

This book was adorable! Adorable and so much fun! This is the kind of book you pick up when you need something sweet and light. Something to read when you need a pick me up. It’ll make you laugh and make your heart happy. It is also a bit quirky and I loved that.

Laney was a fun character. At first I wasn’t sure we were going to get along, but as she opened up and I got to know her, I really came to love her. She is nerdy and quirky and I loved that about her. I loved how she is her own person and didn’t fit the bill for a normal heroine. I loved how original Laney was. Her comic book references were awesome and I really loved her Lord of the Rings references. While Laney is fun, she has known heartache. Her past has some dark parts and she is still working through them, but she still keeps her lively personality.

Noah was another very likable character. At first glance he seems very controlled and uptight, but that is not the real Noah. The real Noah likes SyFy monster marathons and comic books. Noah is engaged to a real bridezilla and it is clear he is not a priority to his fiancĂ©. I didn’t know how I’d feel about Noah being that he is engaged and the romance centers around his relationship with someone else, but that whole aspect was handled perfectly. I really loved Noah. He was such a lovable nerdy tech boy in a matchy match suit and he was so so swoony.

I also loved that the book was told in dual perspective. But it is more heavily in the perspective of Laney. Laney has a bigger story to tell, so she needs more page time. However, I really felt it was important that we got Noah’s perspective too. It was really important for the reader to see what was going on inside his head and what his life was like before he met Laney. The relationship that springs up between them may take place over a few short days, but it doesn’t feel like that. It feels much longer. Also another quick note, I loved Tim. He was great.

The only thing that I struggled with a bit was the transitions. The transitions between Noah and Laney were seamless. However, Laney would sometimes flash back to her past and when this happened, I didn’t always notice that we had changed time periods right away. It was a bit jarring and very quick and I sometimes had to go back to get my bearings. 

All in all, Dictatorship of the Dress was a very fun read and perfect for when you need something to make you smile and swoon.


  1. glad to hear you liked this book :) Lovely review .. I have never read anything by this author .. I will add this book to my TBR list :)

  2. This sounds really interesting. I had the same thought about the romance with the engaged main character and another woman, but it sounds like they handled it tactfully. I might have to check this out sometime! Thanks for sharing :)

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  3. I found this cute too! A little convenient but I one doesn't take this seriously it can be an entertaining book. I stuggled with Laney at first though but after her backstory was told I liked her

  4. I saw this somewhere last week and it sounded cute. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Teresa. I do understand your issue with the jarring flashbacks - I've experienced that myself in books. But I'm glad that everything else was seamless and that the dual perspectives allowed you to really get behind both Laney and Noah! Great review!

  5. Despite some rough transitions, this does sound like a fun and sweet read! I like the concept of it, sounds like a book I would love to pick up when I need a more lighter read! I will definitely have to check this one out!

    Lovely review my friend!

  6. Aw does seem like a cute and adorable read-- I need some of that, a lot of mine has been heavy

  7. So instead of getting the other Berkley book I did, I should've gotten THIS one! Sigh. Oh well. LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed this one despite the transitions. Flashbacks can be very tricky and feel off if not done correctly. I'm glad Noah being engaged worked well too- sometimes I feel like I'm the MC and the jealousy I feel when there's another girl involved... well. It's not good. LOL. I'm glad you liked this one though!

  8. It really does look adorable. Glad you enjoyed.

  9. I remember when you were trying to decide between this book and another, and I am SO happy you chose this one! It sounded sooo cute! Even though some of the transitions weren't smooth, you definitely have me looking forward to reading this story. Wonderful review!! *hugs*

    1. I am so glad you helped me decide on this one because it was super cute and sweet and I cant wait for you to read it!


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