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Bookish Birthday Bash Part Three: Interview With Ana and Elijah from the Sugartown Series by: Carmen Jenner

To celebrate my 25th birthday this year, I am having a Bookish Birthday Bash weekend on the blog! I have invited three very special authors to drop by and celebrate with me. These authors all hold a very special place in my heart and I am thrilled they have agreed to celebrate with me. For day three I have Ana and Elijah from the Sugartown series by Carmen Jenner to answer some questions. 


I am oh so very excited to welcome Ana and Elijah from Welcome to Sugartown and the upcoming Greetings from Sugartown to the blog today. These two are a ton of fun and are super super sexy so I'm sure we are all in for a good time today. And by good time... I mean Elijah probably says some inappropriate things so mature audiences and all that jazz.

Ana and Elijah... Welcome! I am so excited that you two have taken the time to drop by today!
Ana: *bounces excitedly in seat* Thanks so much for having us.

Elijah: Yeah, thanks. *Places hand on Ana’s knee to keep her from bouncing* She’s a little excited. We don’t get out of Sugartown much.

Ana: Or ever.

Elijah: Babe, you might wanna tone down the crazy, just a notch.

So to start this off I have to ask my favorite question. If you had to describe yourself in two words what would they be and why? 
Elijah: Huge Co—

Ana: Confidence! He’s confidant.

Elijah: Okay, yeah maybe I’m a cocky fucker from time to time, but that’s not what I was going to say.

Ana: Elijah! You cannot say that in an interview.

Elijah: Why the hell not? It’s how I talk, and trust me, I’ve been around long enough to know the ladies love to hear me talk. *winks at Teresa*

Teresa: *blushes* He isn’t wrong

Ana: *shakes head* I’m going with loyal and nurturing.

Elijah: You sound like a Labrador, babe. I’m gonna say: Hot Headed.

Ana: It’s true. He is definitely that. 

Now describe one another in two words. 
Elijah: HOT AS FUCK!

Ana: That’s three.

Elijah: Fine. Everything.

Ana: *shoots Elijah a curious look* Everything?

Elijah: Everything. As in she’s my whole fucking world.

Ana: *Laughs* You realize that’s one only word.

Elijah: Jesus, you’re hard to please, woman.

Ana: Hopeless romantic.

Elijah: Naww. Why’d you have to say that? I spent the past how many years building up a bad boy reputation and you come along and ruin in in five seconds flat by calling me a pussy.

Ana: I don’t think you have anyone fooled, Cade. Everyone knows you’re a big pussy *winces at Elijah’s hand tightening on her knee* cat! Pussycat! You’re a big pussycat underneath it all. *to Teresa* And now he’s pouting.

Elijah: I don’t pout.

Teresa: *to Ana* Oh he is definitely pouting! It’s kinda cute…

Ana: *gently patting Elijah’s stumbled jaw* Okay kitty.

Elijah: You’re lucky we have company, baby girl. Or I’d put you over my knee and spank your arse raw.

Ana: *Sucks in a sharp breath and bites lip.* Tough as nails. He’s tough as nails.

Elijah: That’s three words.

Ana: Shut up.

Alright. This next question should be interesting. What is the craziest thing you guys have ever done?
*Both glance awkwardly at one another and then look around the room*

Elijah: You wanna field this one?

Ana: No, I really don’t.

Elijah: Okay then. Well, the sex tape is pretty high up on that list.

Ana: Oh my god! I can’t believe you just said that!

Elijah: *Shrugs* Then there’s the time we almost got arrested for indecent exposure in a public place. Good thing Sargent Davis let us off on that one.

Ana: *flushes beet red from head to toe* Just stop talking. Please?

Teresa: No no…. please keep talking… that sounds like an interesting story…

Elijah: My first proposal was kinda awkward too.

Ana: *blanches* Cade, if you don’t stop talking that THING that happened during each one of those incidents, will never ever be happening again.

Elijah: *Balks* Shutting up.   

So Ana, what is one thing you could tell us about Elijah that we wouldn't know from reading the books? 
Ana: I mentioned he’s a hopeless romantic who doesn’t know when to shut his mouth already, didn’t I?

Elijah: Keep talking baby girl. You’re not the only one willing to withhold sex.

Ana: That’s true, though I am the only one who can hold out for more than a day.

*Elijah slinks a little further down in his seat*

Ana: He likes to cuddle. Though I guess you knew that from the book. Older engine’s get him ridiculously hot. In fact, the older the car, the more … excited he gets. The more he drinks the more thoughtful he becomes. Seriously, give him a bottle of Johnnie Walker and suddenly he’s Freud. And he hates pussy.

Elijah: CATS! I hate cats. No one hates pussy. 

Elijah, same question for you regarding Ana?
Elijah: *rubs hands together*

Ana: Be nice.

Elijah: Ana’s completely OCD, she talks in her sleep, she’s terrified of lizards and you can’t even mention the words baked beans without her having kittens.

Ana: *Shudders*

Elijah: See?

Ana: I hate you.

Elijah: *flashes a wry smile* No you don’t. She sings (terribly) when she bakes. And she’s obsessed with the lead guitarist from Cooper Ryan’s band Taint.

Ana: I am not obsessed. I just follow the band because despite what happened between him and Holly, Coop is a sweetheart and he’s Pepper’s father.

Elijah: *grins* Uh huh. That explains why you’re so close to Levi. I saw that little moment you two had on twitter.

Ana: We did not have a moment. *to Teresa* We didn’t have a moment. Coop took the band one of my pies the last time he came to visit. Levi loved it so much he gave us a shout out to the band’s followers on their social media. He also asked if I was single. He wasn’t serious, and that wasn’t a moment.

Teresa: So basically you had a moment? It’s okay… we all have our fangirl moments… I have them frequently when an author responds to me. 

You and Ana haven't had the smoothest road but if you could go back in time and change one thing would you? And if so what would you change?
Elijah: Do I really have to answer this?

Ana: Oh, I really think you should.

Elijah: Alright, I wished I’d held out longer. I mean, I’m just not sure she respected me in the morning.

Ana: *shoves Elijah’s shoulder. Hard.*

Elijah: There’s a lot of things I’d do different. But we learn from our screw ups, and all of mine have lead me to this point, where by some fucking miracle Ana still loves me, still wants me. Even after all the fucked up shit I’ve done.

Ana: What did I tell you? Hopeless romantic. I think if I could have a do over I’d learn to trust a bit more. Both my instincts and Elijah. After everything that happened with Nicole and Scott, and all the things that have pushed and pulled us in different directions, I think trust and forgiveness are both pretty important things to have. I’d definitely change that.

So I think it's time for some teasing. What can you tell us about Greetings from Sugartown (which comes out next month *eeep*)? 
Ana: Um…

Elijah: It’s, er… probably not what you’d expect.

Teresa: And that means?

Ana: It’s complicated. There’s really a lot that happens in this book, possibly even more than Welcome to Sugartown, and Jack and Holly’s book, Enjoy Your Stay.

Teresa: Wait wait wait… more happens… how is that even possible? 

Elijah: I’m just gonna put it out there and say that the next time I come face to face with Carmen Jenner, there’s gonna be some shit hitting the fan.

Ana: Oh, you are? You get off pretty easy buddy, compared to what that woman puts me through. I swear to god she must hate me.

Elijah: *Shrugs* Maybe she’s jealous.

Ana: Of what, exactly?

Elijah: Well, I’ve heard she’s pretty into tattooed bad boys. And you are banging me, so …

Ana: *shaking head* You have issues, you know that right?

Teresa: ehh he is pretty good looking, she might be jealous- I’m a tad jealous haha *steps away from Ana*  

So I'm curious. How is it living with Holly and Jackson? That's a lot of people (who all speak their minds) in one house haha.
Ana: Oh, they moved out a few months after Pepper was born. It’s hard having a baby in what was sort of a party house. But it was fine, we love them and you learn to adjust—

Elijah: Bullshit. It was fucking torture. The mess, the clutter, the screaming at all hours of the night. And no, I’m not referring to Pepper here. Jack and Holly aren’t exactly quiet when it comes to screwing one another’s brains out.

Ana: *laughs* No, they certainly weren’t. But I do miss having them there sometimes. Of course, Holly’s still working at Belle’s Pies and Rowe’s Wood is still going strong in the space next door to the diner, we still have plenty of nights of drunken debauchery together, and we do family dinner’s every Sunday at the house. So we’re really not spending that much time apart, anyway.

And one final question. What is your favorite flavor of pie?
Elijah: Ana.

Ana: I’m not a pie, dumbarse.

Elijah: Maybe not, but you’re just as fucking edible.

Ana: So this might be a little unwise for the owner of a successful, newly franchised pie diner to say, but I’m actually not much of a pie eater. I think having to bake twenty a day for the last fifteen years kinda ruins the cravings. But if I had to choose it would probably be our new Salted Caramel Calamity Pie.

Elijah: See, it’s good and all, but it can’t compare to Ole’ Melty Eyes.

Ana: *Taking Elijah’s hand* No. Nothing really compares to Ole’ Melty Eyes.    

Thank you both for dropping by today. It was an absolute pleasure to have you both here.
Ana: Thanks so much for having us.

Elijah: Yeah, thanks. *pulls Ana to her feet and throws her over his shoulder*

Ana: Put me down! Where the hell is the fire, Cade?

Elijah: Babe, you just spent the last five minutes talking about pie. You know what that shit does to me.

Ana: *Waves at Teresa from over Elijah’s shoulder* Thanks again! If you’re ever in Sugartown come look us up.   

Teresa: *giggles* *waves*

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  1. I need that book greetings from Sugartown. I hope so that holly is there too. I love them all. This is a series is gem!!

  2. Teresa you are hilarious, I think Ana And Elijah are a hot couple. Your interview was way cool and I want to read the Sugartown series. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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    Fab interview, hun!

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    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

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