Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekly Recap 7/27/2014 and New York Author Occasion 2014 Recap

Life. Is. Busy. I am so incredibly busy at work as it is once again busy season aka I need it to be August 7th already so this can be over season. So as you may have noticed, things are a bit slower on the blog and I'm also getting less books. But I did get a few fun ones this week. And while it is busy season and I am working weekends as well, I squeezed in some time to make sure I attended the New York Author Occasion because Samantha Young and Nicole Williams were going to be there and I NEEDED to meet them! Really glad I made time for that because I had a blast. But first, let's recap the books I got during the week. I grabbed Her Mad Hatter which is a novella and an Alice In Wonderland twist so of course I needed it and best of all IT WAS FREE. Thanks to Brandee from Bookworm Brandee for introducing me to this one. I also grabbed The Wedding Wager and Inevitable because they were free. I am on the blog tour for Flawed and am really excited to continue with that series, such a cool dystopian world. Then came time for the signing and I had so much fun! I finally got to meet Nicole Williams and I may have fangirled a bit and I also got to meet Samantha Young which was amazing! Gots tons of goodies signed and a whole bunch of swag. I was pretty good and only got books signed that I already had BUT while I was there I had to pick up Taint because MY GOSH THAT COVER and I also kept eyeing Making Faces so I ended up picking up that one as well. The event was organized really well and it wasn't overly crowded so everyone was able to spend time with the authors. Also, my Elsa shirt was a hit, which I never expected. And to top it off I got to see some of my minxes.

Goodreads Links:
Her Mad Hatter by: Marie Hall
Flawed by: JL Spelbring
The Wedding Wager by: Regina Duke
Inevitable by: Angela Graham
Fall From India Place by: Samantha Young
Out of the Shallows by: Samantha Young
Slumber by: Samantha Young
Crossing Stars by: Nicole Williams
Clash by: Nicole Williams
Crush by: Nicole Williams
The Perfect Game by: J Sterling
Making Faces by: Amy Harmon
Taint by: SL Jennings

New York Author Occasion

with Nicole Williams

with Samantha Young

with J Sterling

with Amy Harmon

with my minxes Donna and Lauren

 with my minxes and author Ashley Pullo

Go With Me by: Elyssa Patrick


Other Fun:


  1. Nice haul! All totally new to me! Looks like you had fun too! Dying to get to another author event myself, but haven't had anything near me in months! (Well, in my city since I did just road trip this month to an author signing! ;) )

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Life sucks when it's busy! Mine will get extremely busy in the coming up weeks :( But when your slow season comes you can just READ READ READ!!

    And look at those books! It seems you just had so much fun! I wish I could meet some of those authors! :) Heehee Anyways, happy reading girl! *hugs*

  3. Lots of fun meeting authors, I still haven't made the time

  4. You must really love them and I can see it was worth meeting these fab authors in person. Thanks for sharing such a great moment with us, Cutie!

  5. Sorry to hear you're so busy!

    I'm glad you got to meet Nicole. She's like a supermodel, right? And soooo sweet. Thanks for sharing your photos, Teresa!

  6. You've got such an awesome haul this week! I'm totally jealous of you right now lol. Wish I lived in the state so I can meet all these amazing authors.
    Great haul! Here's mine:

  7. I've heard Making Faces is so good. I want it on audio. Enjoy!

  8. I get busy so well. My life is about to get crazy. Hope you enjoy your books.

  9. You are rocking busy season, and you totally rocked that author signing in your fabulous Elsa shirt! I loved hearing about this day! The pictures are awesome and your books... aaaaah... I want to pet them all. Enjoy the pretties, love! *smoosh*


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