Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekly Recap 6/29/2014

I am back! It was nice taking a week off and stepping away for a bit, but I do admit that I missed it, so I am ready to be back. So this recap is for the past two weeks of books (and no post recap since not much went on the past week), and for two weeks I really didn't get too much. I got the YA Readers Little Black Book which was FREE and has a ton of lovely sounding reads. I grabbed Hold On Tight while it was on sale, since I do plan to read that series one day. I also grabbed To Have and Till Death which were free and come highly recommended. Another freebie was Drive Me Crazy, which sounds fun. I had to grab Mister Black because Magen (Corrie The Book Crazed Girl) loved it and we share a book brain. I also grabbed Seamonster because Amalie Howard has never let me down before. Then last but not least I got Ruin and Rising, which I cannot wait to read!!! And because I ordered it from Books of Wonder it came with that awesome double sided poster and a signed bookplate!

Goodreads Links:
Hold On Tight by: Abbi Glines
To Have by: Alessandra Torre
Till Death by: Alessandra Torre
Mister Black by: PT Michelle
Seamonster by: Amalie Howard
Drive Me Crazy by: Marquita Valentine
Ruin and Rising by: Leigh Bardugo


  1. Great Haul! I'm glad you had a nice little break :) I love the Rosemary Beach Series by Abbi Glines, and know that you would love it. I would compare it to M. Leighton's Wild One's Series! Have a great week Teresa :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  2. Woooo! Thanks for the heads up on those freebies! I went and grabbed Torre's too. :) I've been curious about Mister Black! I've been seeing it around quite a bit, but if Magen liked it, I will too! I haven't read Abbi's Sea Breeze series either, but someday I plan to! And ooh Ruin and Rising! I really want to start those soon! Happy reading Teresa!

  3. I see Torre redid her cover arts. Did she get a new publisher for those? I like the first one better... anyway, enjoy your new lovelies!

    1. Don't think she got a new publisher, I think she just re-did them to match her new bind up

  4. I'm glad you took your break! (I missed ya though! :P )
    i just went and got To Have and Till Death! Thanks for sharing that :)

    Have a good week!

  5. Checking out To have b/c looks good, hope that you enjoy! Have a great week.

  6. So many good books! I hope you like Drive Me Crazy. I just adore that series!

  7. Congratulations on your new pretties and for taking a little "you" time! Missed your awesome reviews, though! Love you oodles and gobs <3

  8. We do share book brain :D And I'm so happy you got Mister Black *wink wink* Glad you had a nice break! Everyone needs that once in awhile !

    *muggle huggles*

  9. A couple I don't know! Hope you enjoy them all and I've heard Hold On Tight is wonderful.


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