Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekly Recap 6/15/2014

Goodreads Links:
Beckoning Light by: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Worth The Risk by: Robin Bielman
Until We Fly by: Courtney Cole
Wings by: Elizabeth Richards
The Girl Who Never Was by: Skylar Dorset
Crossing Stars by: Nicole Williams
Slumber by: Samantha Young

City of Heavenly Fire by: Cassandra Clare
Gilded Ashes by: Rosamund Hodge

Waiting On Wednesday: Stay With Me by: J. Lynn

Other Fun:
Release Day Blast: Entangled Brazen
Release Day Launch: Descent by: Kallie Ross


  1. Did you put red in your hair?!?!? Because I love it!!!!!!

    I got Beckoning Light and Worth the Risk too! Love me some freebies!

    YAY! We got Branded!!!! Your Twitter message made me squeal!

    I picked up The Girl Who Never Was at BEA and I really do want to start that soon since it recently came out.

    And finally yay for Samantha and Nicole! I need to read Crossing Stars myself!

    Good luck getting through busy season girl!

  2. OH! same question as Jessica! The red looks so good!!! :D

    I have to get Wings, so freaking bad! Phoenix left in such a cliffhanger I have to get to the next on as soon as I can :) I do need to read Crossing Stars, I have it! Just got to get to it!

    And the cover for The Girl Who Never Was, I love it! So pretty! Definitely interested in that one as well! :D Looks like you had a good book week, well, a good week in general!!


  3. You got some good books! I'm excited to see what people think of Brand's book. I picked up Worth the Risk, too. Enjoy!

  4. I got Until We Fly today! Enjoy.

  5. Crossing Stars looks good, hope you enjoy!

  6. I'm so behind on Black City and the Courtney Cole series. Enjoy your books!

  7. The girl who never was and wings look awesome ;0

    Happy Reading!

    My Weekly Wrap up Post

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  8. Wow what a crazy week you had and what an awesome haul!!! So glad you got a nice fairy book and will be getting your Courtney Cole book that you've been hoping for. I couldn't get into her stuff but maybe after I see your review I will be able to!


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