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Review, Discussion, and Giveaway: There's Wild Then There's You (The Wild Ones #3) by: M. Leighton

Release Date: June 3, 2014 from Berkley
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

"He’s someone she can’t trust…

She’s someone he thinks he knows…

Violet Wilson is a wallflower. Shy, serious, and accident-prone, she’s got a bad habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The night she’s forced to pose with her friend might just be the worst time of all—that’s when she meets Jet Blevins. She knows better than to get involved with someone like him, but he touches her in ways she never expected, never wanted before.

On the outside, Jet is a typical rocker, an arrogant lead guitarist who unapologetically lives a wild lifestyle. But on the inside, he’s battling demons and using the stage to escape the troubles of his past and the addictions of his present. Until the night he sees Violet standing at the back of the room. She brings his life into focus. She knows his secrets. She’s the girl he can’t forget, and the one thing he craves more than his addiction.

But can they ever hope to have a future when their very foundation is nothing but lies? "


For There's Wild Then There's You, Michele of A Belle's Tales and I did a buddy read. While we were reading we had a live discussion on twitter sharing our feels and flails as we went along. You can check out our discussion below.
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My Thoughts:

I am a huge M. Leighton fan. I have yet to come across a book from her that I have not enjoyed, and at this point I seriously doubt that it will ever happen. This is my favorite of Michelle’s series, so I had very high expectations for There’s Wild Then There’s You and it definitely delivered! I absolutely loved Jet and Violet. This book delivered in every single way it could and I devoured it.

I am going right to Jet because I fell hard for Jet! I had a feeling I would like him (I’ve been going on and on about the tattoo on the cover for months) and I was right. I loved Jet. He honestly gave Trick a run for his money and I ADORE Trick. On the outside, Jet is a bad boy rocker who does what he wants. However, underneath that there is a truly great guy. Meeting Violet brings out the best in him and makes him want to be a better man. 

Then we have Violet and I adored Violet. She is such a truly strong and giving person. Violet has spent her entire life helping others and always taking care of herself second. My heart hurt for Violet because I just wanted her to put herself first for once. Also because she is so afraid of being hurt that she never takes any risks. She was an amazing person and anyone would be incredibly lucky to have a friend like her. Just like Jet needed Violet; she needed him as well. Jet taught her to open up and that having a weakness doesn’t make you weak.

This book gripped me from the beginning. I was in love with Violet and Jet from page one and loved watching their relationship grow. But I knew that there were secrets on both sides and I knew that those secrets were going to hurt when they were exposed and I was right. My heart absolutely shattered when we encountered the twist and the secrets came out. I also had a hard time seeing how they would work past it; but this is Michelle so I had faith that she would not disappoint me in the end. My heart was happy then broken and then it melted into a giant puddle of goo. 

Violet and Jet have amazing chemistry and you can just see that they work together. However, what really captured me in this one wasn’t the steaminess between the two but simply the two of them together. I loved their interactions and just the way they were together. They were a slow burn and the buildup between the two was fantastic. They were very sweet together. I also loved how Jet was towards Violet, especially towards the end. He does some things that truly captured my heart.

There’s Wild Then There’s You was everything I expected it to be and more. Jet and Violet stole my heart and I did not want to let them go. I know this one will see many re-reads in the future.


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  1. Gah! Knowing how much you love this series, I need to start it! I have the first one too! Maybe I should sneak it into my beach bag! LOL! Great review lovely and I think it's awesome you and Michelle buddy read/tweeted this! I can't wait to meet Jet and Violet!

  2. Wifey -- I cannot express how much I loved sharing this book with you!! Our laughs, our swoons, and all our feels! Michelle outdid herself with this book, and I agree with every single word of this fabulous review! You make me want to re-read it right now, and something tells me we'll be visiting this book again together in a future discussion. Perfect review! *squishes you*

  3. Ok, one of these days we need to buddy read a book! I've always wanted to do one and who better with than you?! I know how much you love ML books and I'm excited to read this one soon.

    1. Yes! We deff need to buddy read a book together, it would be so much fun!

  4. I won'd be reading this series and but I am a big fan of her cover arts! Talk about brining the sexy back in jeans! The romance sounds intense, organic and sweeping too. Those are the best kinds IMO

  5. Great review Teresa. I so need to start this series.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  6. I need to read me some Leighton, the writing and characters sound great.

  7. OH! I cannot wait to meet Jet *hubba hubba* I love the sound of him (and you've just got me so excited about the story) M. Leighton is an amazing author and is so good at creating sexy, intriguing characters and a story line to keep you gripping the pages of her books!

    Lovely review!!!!


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