Sunday, June 1, 2014

BEA 2014 Recap - City of Heavenly Fire Release Event Recap - Weekly Recap 6/1/2014

Had to split the vlog in two this week since it is kinda long and because I was interrupted midway.

BEA 2014 Recap

Day One Book Haul

Day Two Book Haul

Me with Becca Fitzpatrick!!! 

Sarah J Maas Signing ARCs of Heir of Fire

This was me waiting for Heir of Fire.... 

Jennifer L Armentrout Signing ARCs of The Return

I finally got to meet Jessica from Lovin Los Libros! I found her on Friday and pretty much just followed her around the entire time! I also got to see Vi from Vi3tBabe again, who I adore!

A ton of bloggers and Lauren Blakely! (I also got to meet KP from Inkslinger, she took the pic, but I forgot to get a picture with her!!!)

Me with a giant Will Herondale.... because it was necessary

....and this, just because 

City of Heavenly Fire Release Event Recap

Myself and Cassandra Clare!

Myself and Holly Black 

Weekly Recap

Other Books I Got This Week

Wings by: Elizabeth Richards
Mended by: Kim Karr

Top Ten Tuesday: Novellas
Waiting On Wednesday: Until We Fly by: Courtney Cole

Other Fun:


  1. I'm just so totally jealous :P But it looks like you had such an amazing time met some amazing fellow book bloggers and some amazing authors!! And look at all those books! My LORD! It looks like you had a blast *Hugs* One day I will be able to meet you and go to BEA *fingers crossed*

    Hugs! And enjoy all those books! Happy reading!

  2. I'm so glad you had such a great time at BEA. I actually got to meet the guy who played Will in the trailer, CC brought him to a signing. Very nice guy.
    I hope you love your books!

  3. Wow, this looks like a ton of fun and I am more than a little jealous! LOL.

  4. There's just so much to say here. I don't know where to start!

    I LOVED meeting you! I had such a blast and hopefully you don't think I'm TOO loca. :)

    So many awesomesauce books and I'm right there with you! As I was placing them alphabetically on my shelf, I was like- where do I even start?!

    HEIR OF FIRE. That is all. <3

    1. Jessica I LOVED meeting you! I had so much fun hanging out with you guys! Cannot wait to be at an event together once again

  5. If only I could tell from these vlogs if you had fun and if you were excited. Bahahaha!! I'm fangirling right along with you! So happy for you and all this delicious loot! The most amazing haul of any haul that ever was a haul! *runs away with your Princess Bride swag* Love you!!!

  6. I heart you so much Teresa!!!! So happy to always run into you! Awesome haul and pics. I'm excited for Sublime, Black Ice, & After Worlds.

  7. Nice! It was great seeing you. We didn't take a pic though?? I think that's the second time we've missed taking a pic together. I did the same with with Vi. It was just so cray cray there. Enjoy your books.

    1. I know! I cannot believe we forgot to take a pic! Next time for sure!


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