Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Authors I've Never Read

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.


1. Marissa Meyer- SO many people love her Cinder series and it is on my list of things to read, just haven't gotten there yet.

2. Veronica Rossi- Another series people love and another one where I have the books sitting on my kindle.

3. Cora Carmack- I know I am a terrible person! I even have the whole series signed, this is just one of those series where other books keep getting in my way.

4. Jessica Sorensen- Honestly, there are so many books by this author that I want to read and I just don't know where to start!

5. Sarah Dessen- I have a couple of her books and I even met her at a signing and I know I will love her books but again I need more hours in the day!

6. Monica Murphy- *sigh* I need to read One Week Girlfriend soon.

7. Jasinda Wilder- I actually want to read Stripped and Falling Into You badly and I will one day.

8. David Levithan- I know a lot of people love this author, but honestly none of his books grab my attention and I don't know why... the exception is Invisibility, that one I want to read.

9. Marie Lu- I'm getting to it! I promise! 

10. Molly McAdams- I am incredibly scared to read her books for some reason.

Who made your list?


  1. I haven't started the Cinder series yet either. Maybe later this year. Cora's Losing It series and Jasinda's Falling series are both great. I think you will enjoy them.
    Molly's books, I read them last year, and yeah, I kind of get why you're scared.
    Hope you get around to reading all those on your list one day.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  2. I have only read one author on this list- Jessica Sorensen. I like the books of her I have read. Still have a lot more to read by her though.

    My Teaser

  3. Veronica Rossi is one I keep debating about starting! Seeing lots of Sarah Dessen today! Read her books years ago and liked them, but stopped when I wanted more paranormal and less normal!

    Here's my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. Marie Lu is at the top of my list, too!! I loved Cinder-- it's a great weekend read!

    Here's my TTT!

  5. I read Under the Never Sky recently and it was so good! Very mature for YA. I'm gonna continue the series next week I hope.
    I just heard Cinder on audio and I'm almost done with Scarlet. Cress is next. These books are amazing!
    I really loved One Week Girlfriend.
    Honestly, you can skip Sorensen's books. I loved The Secret of Ella and Micha and The Coincidence of Kallie and Cayden but all her damn books end in these horrible cliffhangers. Not like 'omg what's gonna happen next' kind of cliffhanger but the 'you cut it off in the middle of the story' kind of cliffhanger. And her books are soooo dragged out. That's why they are so many! Each series has 3 books when really you only need one.

    1. See I knew Callie and Kayden was a cliffie but I didn't realize she did that will all of her books- thats kinda annoying... hmmm idk how motivated I am now to read her stuff lol thanks!

  6. WHAT?! You haven't read any Monica Murphy? OMG. And you kill me with Cora! Get on it girl! Molly McAdams first book I read didn't do it for me and has kinda put me off her. I agree with Nereyda. Sorensen is kinda eh. I like her, but they are dragged out. I think you'll read love Rossi's books!

  7. Wifey, I can totally vouch for Marissa Meyer and Veronica Rossi -- you are going to LOVE those!! I have Molly McAdams coming up soon so I'll report back. As for the others, I am right there with you. I have most sitting on my Kindle waiting. We should tackle them together *sassy roar* Awesome Top Ten Tuesday, my dear <3

  8. I haven't read Cynder yet either. I met her recently and it renewed my desire to read it.

    The one on the list that stands out as a must read is Cora Carmack. So love her books.

  9. Ha! I love Nereyda's comment! You must read Rossi. I guarantee you will love her books!

  10. OMG, girl! Get on Cinder! Love that series! You also need to get on Cora & Marie. I love their books!

  11. I want to read many of these authors too. Marissa Meyer, Veronica Rossi, Monica Murphy and Maria Lu.... And the list goes on. Nice top 10 picks!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  12. You need to drop everything and read Cora Carmack...not just because she's my sister--but because she rocks! :) Thanks for stopping by my TT.

    YA Sisterhood

  13. AH! Those are some authors' books you have got to read, girl! And on that note, I see some I have to as well :)

  14. OMG!!! You're killing me with this list! Cora Cormack, Jessica Sorenen, and Monica Murphy are some of my favorite authors!!! You should read one of each of their books, then you'll want to read more! I completely understand though. As a book blogger, I understand that we just don't have enough time to read everything that we want to!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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