Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Will Make You Cry

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.

I LOVE this topic! There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my feels with other readers!

1. The Fault In Our Stars by: John Green- I am not even going to bother explaining this one.

2. Allegiant by: Veronica Roth- Let's just say that this one made me cry so much my father thought something was seriously wrong... well something not bookish that is.. cause something was seriously wrong.

3. Clockwork Princess by: Cassandra Clare- I'm pretty sure I cried from beginning to end for this one. I was just overwhelmed with all the emotions.

4. Flawed by: Kate Avelynn- This book broke me! I was inconsolable after I finished reading this book. 

5. Losing Hope by: Colleen Hoover- All of CoHo's books are emotional and usually make me cry, but I think this one was the worst for me. There was just something about this story from Holder's point of view that broke me.

6. Sentinel by: Jennifer L. Armentrout- I pretty much cried through the entire ending of this book. To the point where I couldn't see the pages anymore.

7. Finale by: Becca Fitzpatrick- There was one point with this one where I was a disaster... the tears just would not stop. I am a tad bit attached to Patch.

8. Blood Promise by: Richelle Mead- I remember being a wreck at a certain point in this book! 

9. Delirium by: Lauren Oliver- The end to this one crippled me... I remember just asking my book "why... why would you do this to me?"

10. The Sea of Tranquility by: Katja Millay- There were a few moments that got me with this book, but I think the one that really got me was the last line because it was so beautiful!

What made your list?


  1. Oh, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and ALLEGIANT. They made me really, seriously not okay. Like what you said about ALLEGIANT--it's like something was legitimately not okay with me.

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  2. Oh wow, not sure how I forgot about Clockwork Princess! I cried during that one thing too. Great list!

    Here's My TTT

  3. Somehow I forgot the VA books and which ones were tearjerkers!

    Here's my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. I read, loved, and wept over all of these except for 7 and 8 which are on my TBR list. This is a fabulous Top Ten Tuesday, and I adore your choices!!! *hugs*

  5. Sometimes I wish I could cry while reading emotional books, but I'm just not much of a crier in general, lol. But I did get the feels for TFiOS, Losing Hope, & Flawed. Still need to read Allegiant & Finale. The other booksa re pretty great, too. Awesome picks!

  6. Great list! I am right on board with you with several of those books. I have to admit I haven't read finale yet, because I heart Patch and don't want it to be over. Here's mine if you want to stop by

  7. YES, YES, YES! Though I have't gotten to Allegiant, or TFIOS (which I plan to this month) Sea of Tranquility and Hopeless definitely made me cry!! Oh, and Sentinel!! OMG! I'm starting to re-experience some emotions here...

    Love this list!!

  8. I'll invest in lots of kleenex before reading some of these on your list, Teresa. :)

  9. Such a great list Teresa! I'm glad to know that about Flawed- I'm pretty sure I have that one. And yes to TSOT and Losing Hope!!!

  10. Great picks. I've got Hopeless and Losing Hope and was really excited to read them, but after seeing them both on so many lists, I am scared too in case I weep like a baby! My TTT :)

  11. Oh how I love The Fault in Our Stars. Can't wait for the movie! (Even if I will more than likely make everyone else in the theater uncomfortable with my sobbing... :) I really enjoyed your selections!

  12. Great list! I've cried over several of these myself. Blood Promise! And Shadow Kiss defintely made me cry too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Gotta agree with The Fault...oh my goodness I cried through that one.

  14. Great List Teresa! I cried during all of the books you have listed that I have read! I ned to check out the ones I haven't read.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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