Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekly Recap 1/19/2014

Goodreads Links:
Remembering Joy by: Jenni Moen
Lucky Number Four by: Amanda Jason
Face of Death by: Kelly Hashway

Uninvited by: Sophie Jordan
Avalon by: Mindee Arnett

Top Ten Tuesday: 2014 Debuts I'm Excited For
Waiting On Wednesday: Alpha Goddess by: Amalie Howard

Other Fun:
Release Day Celebration: Entangled Brazen



  1. Small haul this week girl :-) I picked up Lucky Number Four last week. I like the sound of it but it's average rating on GR is less than 4 so I'm a little nervous about it.

    1. I know I noticed that too =[ its been getting very mixed review, but it was only 99 cents so it cant hurt to buy it lol

  2. OOh nice! Sometimes it's good to get a small haul! Let's you catch up on your TBR mountain for a week! Haven't heard of these but hope you enjoy all of them!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Oh...Face of Death! I need to get back to that series. Hope you enjoy.

  4. Great Book Haul! Face of Death looks good! I've head great things about Remembering Joy! Happy Reading this week!

    Here's My STS:

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  5. Remembering Joy looks good, hope you enjoy!

  6. Mine was a smaller haul this week too, thank GOODNESS! LOL. I still haven't picked up the second Hashway book, because I remember you being pretty meh about it, but I like you, loved the first. I will be excited to hear what you think of the third! I also picked up Lucky Number Four, but now I'm nervous because it has a lot of really horrid reviews on GR. Fingers crossed, we're in the minority and like it! Happy reading girl!

    1. I'm very nervous about Face of Death, I really hope it redeems the series for me!

  7. Yay, Teresa! I am so thrilled you have Remembering Joy! I hope you love it as much as I do!

  8. Though small, still a great haul! And I agree, better than just a few books than a lot. The TBR pile isn't getting smaller!! :D HAHA I haven't seen any of those books before, and I think I must check them out :D

    Happy reading, my friend!

  9. These sound great, my dear!! I hope you love them all, and I can't wait for your thoughts. Congratulations on the gorgeous swag -- those covers are so unbelievably beautiful. I have to start Splintered!!! Aaaaah!!! Awesome vlog, Wifey <3


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