Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekly Recap 12/15/2013

Goodreads Links:
The Murder Complex by: Lindsay Cummings
Protecting What's His by: Tessa Bailey
Silver Heart by: Victoria Green
Off Course by: Sawyer Bennett
Falling For The Marine by: Samanthe Beck
Ruined by: Jus Accardo
A Beautiful Wedding by: Jamie McGuire
The Fault In Our Stars by: John Green
Bared To You by: Sylvia Day
Reflected In You by: Sylvia Day
Entwined With You by: Sylvia Day
Soul Screamers Volume 1 by: Rachel Vincent
Soul Screamers Volume 2 by: Rachel Vincent
Soul Screamers Volume 3 by: Rachel Vincent
Flawed by: Kate Avelynn
The Outside by: Laura Bickle

Before We Fall by: Courtney Cole
Crush by: Nicole Williams

Top Ten Tuesday: Books On My Winter TBR
Waiting On Wednesday: Shattered by: Jeri Smith-Ready

Other Fun:
Giveaway: Best of 2013
Character Interview: Dominic from Before We Fall

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  1. First of all- as someone who just survived the plague- GET BETTER!!! I hope you don't have to work till 11 this upcoming week. Because that makes me really SAD!

    Haha yes! Bookish people give the BEST gifts! LOL! You should be getting mine Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday? LOL. Anyways! Murder Complex! I got that last week? I'm excited for it.

    Go Vi! She has great taste in books! I've only read Off Course out of those 4, but I've heard GREAT things about the others (I actually have them, just haven't read them!) And you will LOVE Cillian! Mmmmm!

    You NEED to read the Crossfire series! I need you to be emotionally damaged over those books with me!!!!!!

    YAY! Enjoy those prezzies!

  2. The outside is awesome & I love how you clustered your haul with candy & other fun stuff for their beauty pic. Happy weekend!

  3. Awesome haul of books. You always get the most interesting selection. I'm trying to be good, but it's hard. Sawyer Bennett book looks interesting.


  4. off course looks good, hope you enjoy

  5. Very much want to read a Beautiful Wedding! Enjoy.

  6. Girl, what a TREMENDOUSLY AWESOME haul you got this week!! You are so freaking lucky!! I want ALL the printed books (no ebooks for me), with the exception of "The Coldest Girl In Town". I like my vamps sparkly and romantic. Sigh.....

    So sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Feel better soon!

    I'm going to check out your reviews! Those books look GREAT!! : )

  7. Great haul! Off Course is my second fav in that series, you'll love Cillian. A Beautiful Wedding was very good. My review posts tomorrow.

  8. Wow so many great books this week! I'm really looking forward to reading The Murder Complex, Flawed, and A Beautiful Wedding soon. Hope you enjoy your books! :)

  9. SOUL SCREAMERS!!! I miss that series!! OH yes!! :D And the Crossfire series :D I definitely enjoyed those books, and I can't wait for the next one to come out!! I just want to pat all the awesome that is contained within this one post!! :D

    Amazing book haul!

  10. Yay! I really can't wait until you read some of the books I got you. And you def got some other cool books. Love ya babe!

    AKA Vi3tBabe
    Deity Island

  11. Aww, Wifey, you got me all teary eyed with your sweet words! I am so happy you enjoyed your Christmas prezzies from us. We can't thank you enough for the amazing goodies you sent us! I hope you're feeling much better -- the huge haul you took in was sure to help chase the plague away! Love you tons xoxo


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