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Book Review: Crush (Crash #3) by: Nicole Williams

Release Date: April 23, 2013 from Harper
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"Football glory. A giant diamond. A wandering eye.

Jude and Lucy are happily engaged . . . but that doesn't mean life's a bed of roses.

Once again, Jude and Lucy are torn apart by football training and a summer job that creates new tensions. This time Jude's the one with trust issues. Will Lucy's life-changing news bring them back together or end their relationship for good? Can love triumph forever?"

My Thoughts:

This was a book I was super excited for. So excited that it arrived at my house on the day it released. But then it got here and well I just pretended it didn’t exist. I simply was not ready to say goodbye to Jude and Lucy. I pretty much went into denial and just kept putting this book off. There finally came a moment when I realized that I have to say goodbye to the characters. No matter how much I tried to prepare myself, it was still so hard to say goodbye to these characters. I have truly loved every single second of Jude and Lucy’s story, even the moments where I felt like my heart was being crushed, they were all wonderful.

Lucy has come a long way since we first met her in Crash. I really like the girl she has become. It is no secret that I struggled with her a lot in Clash, but I was very happy with her in Crush. She has gotten past her insecurities and she trusts Jude and her relationship. She still has her moments, but she isn’t as crazy as she was in Clash. I liked that she wanted to spend her life with Jude, but still had her own hopes and dreams. You don’t have to sacrifice everything you want in life just for a guy and I liked that Lucy felt the same.

Jude is, as always, a wonderful guy. He is still quick to temper but he thinks before he acts now. Jude has grown too and I love how successful he has become. I love that he is pretty much willing to do anything for Lucy. You never really doubt that he loves her, because it shines through in every single one of his actions.

In this book we get to see a lot more of Holly and I absolutely loved that. She is such a great character and a truly great friend to both Jude and Lucy. I also adored LJ, but who wouldn’t; he is a three almost four year old ball of fun and awesome. One character that I could not stand was Anton. He was such a condescending jerk face in need of a giant kick to the groin. Gosh I hated him. He is the exact kind of guy I absolutely loathe. The kind of guy that thinks just because he wants it, he should be able to have it. The kind of guy who thinks everyone is beneath him and that the world should bow down to him. Ugh I just wanted Jude to punch him!

The romance in Crush really kicks it up a notch. Jude and Lucy have so much chemistry! The steamy moments in this one were fantastic! But because this is Jude and Lucy they also had their fair share of fights. The difference in this one was that no matter how many times they fought or how hard they fought, both of them knew at the end of the day things would be okay. Both of them are very quick to temper, so of course disagreements are going to happen.

I think my favorite thing about this was that the book picks up a few years after Clash. I liked seeing how their relationship had grown and see them faced with adult decisions. I also liked it because we see that Jude and Lucy really are in it for the long haul. When I closed the book there was no doubt in my mind that their relationship wouldn’t survive, because they have already come so far and been through so much. It is always hard to end a series, but I think Nicole did a fantastic job bringing the series to a close. Those last few sentences were absolutely perfect.

Crush was a great end to this series. This will always be one of my favorite series and I hate that I had to say goodbye, but I couldn’t have asked for a better way to do so.


  1. Oh man, I have this whole series (signed by Nicole, Squeee!) and I am scared to start it. I think I will just read all, back to back.
    I'm so glad you love the way the story concluded. Great review!

  2. Great to hear the romance kicks up! I still want to read the first.

  3. Great review! I still need to read this book too. The end of Clash was so perfect I just wanted to hold onto it and if there's a third book, that means there's more drama before the HEA. I guess I'll have to read it soon though :-)

  4. I'm glad that even though it was obviously emotional for you, this series ended in a way that was satisfying! Love your review!

  5. Thank you for such a great review! You've made me want to get into this series myself. It sounds so absolutely wonderful, as well as emotionally-rending. But those are the kinds of reads that stay with you forever.

    I, too, hate to say goodbye to characters I've grown to love to the point that I feel they're members of my family....that's why I've already read The Twilight Saga three times, and will read it many more!

    I'm off to Amazon to put all the books in this series on my wish list!! : )

  6. Lucy has come a long way in the series! I was pretty proud of her, and her character growth! Oh, and Jude! Love everything about him! I definitely enjoyed seeing more of Holly in this one, too. And Anton was a butt-wipe! Majorly! I also wanted Jude to punch him in the face!! HAHA

    I'm so happy you finally got to this one! And I know, so sad to see the series come to end :( However, it was one of the greatest endings!!

    *muggle huggles*


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