Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekly Recap 11/10/2013

Goodreads Links:
Four Seconds To Lose by: KA Tucker
Love and Decay by: Rachel Higginson
Beyond Fate by: Heather Lyons
Tease by: Amanda Maciel
The Taking by: Kimberly Derting
Castle Hill by: Samantha Young
Before Jamaica Lane by: Samantha Young
Sentinel by: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Frigid by: J. Lynn
Foreplay by Sophie Jordan
Spirit Bound by: Richelle Mead
Last Sacrifice by: Richelle Mead
Siege and Storm by: Leigh Bardugo

Allegiant by: Veronica Roth
Waterfell by: Amalie Howard

Waiting On Wednesday: Evertrue by: Brodi Ashton

Other Fun:



  1. LOVED Last Sacrifice and Spirit Bound :) I def need to get my hands on Foreplay && I am working my way through the 12 NAs of Christmas :) Happy Reading Love :)

    Tabby @Insightful Minds Reviews
    Check out my Weekly Recap :)

  2. Awesome haul of books. I see that you got quite a diverse haul this week. Love Jennifer Armentrout as well. Hope Sentinel is as good as people make it out to be. Come check out my stack too...

  3. Yayy congrats on being blurbed in Sentinel! I think that's like the awesomest thing ever. And I really need to get a Frigid paperback, it's so pretty <3
    I got The Taking as well, and I'm so excited for it. The Body Finder series is great btw :)

    My IMM

  4. Awesome haul, wifey!! We got some of the same books this week! I got Four Seconds to Lose, too; but I have to read book two first also! Love my shout-out *giggle-snort* -- especially since Foreplay is on my Kindle because of YOU! We really don't help each other out in the restraint department, but I wouldn't have it any other way ;) And we HAVE to get you started on The Body Finder series -- soooo good! Congratulations on your fabulous books *glomps*

    1. hahaha no we do not help with restraint... its more like "Michele I want this book, but I dont need this book" and you go "just get the book, its pretty" HA but I love it! Oh and get on Foreplay ASAP you are gonna love Reece!

  5. Nice books! I'm really excited to read Before Jamaica Lane. And I really liked Foreplay. I hope you enjoy your books!

  6. Yay! Awesome book haul! I LOVED Foreplay and I pre-ordered it because of your review so THANKS! Have fun at the release party! I'm so jealous of you :-) Have a great week!

  7. Loved Frigid and hope that you do too

  8. That is one awesome book haul!! I need Four Seconds to Lose! One Tiny Lie was amazing!!! SO, super excited about that one!! Frigid and Sentinel!! YES!!!!!!!!! HA HA
    And I see some Samantha Young in there :) I need to read some more of her books! Also need to get my hands on Foreplay, 'cause yes! :)

    Love this haul my friend!!!

  9. Oh nice! I hope you love Foreplay! So good.

  10. YAY Beyond Fate!!!!! Sigh. Jonah... <3 I do love that boy more than words. I can't wait to squee with you over it! And then we need to get you to read the next two! :) Four Seconds to Lose- you know I loved that one. I went and got Tease too because you're right it does sound good. I can't wait to start Samantha's books myself. I know how much you love them! This is a pretty epic haul girl. Happy reading friend!

    1. I am dying to get back into the Fate series, but I just have so many other things I need to read and with those I feel like i need to be in a super angsty mood lol

  11. Amazing haul, Teresa! I'm kinda envious of a few of those! ;)


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