Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.

It is no secret I love me some purdy covers, but I don't solely pick up a book because of its cover (at least not all the time). So here are a few covers I wish reflected the awesome within the pages.

1. The Eternity Cure by: Julie Kagawa- I am really not a fan of these new covers. They just don't really do anything for me.

2. Rockoholic by: CJ Skuse- I actually like this cover a lot, but I don't think it really reflects what goes on in the story.

3. I Am Number Four by: Pittacus Lore- These covers just bore me, I honestly probably never would have picked it up if I didn't see that Alex Pettyfer was going to be in a movie based on this book.

4. Sweet Thing by: Renee Carlino- Okay, I actually love this cover... like a lot... I just wish they had tied music into it somehow.

5. Hooked by: Liz Fichera- This is a cute cover, but I would have loved to see golf worked in somehow.

And that's all I can think of. I fail at this week.

What made your list?


  1. Yeah wasn't impressed with the new look for The Immortal Rules series. The Eternity Cure cover is just so plain now.

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Sweet Thing definitely needs music on the cover. I actually think I loved the first cover the most. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I agree, I really hate it when a cover doesn't do what's inside the book justice! I try not to buy a book based on the cover, but a hideous cover can stop my buying a book. My TTT.

  4. I agree with all of these, wifey! Love Sweet Thing, but definitely would have loved something on the cover to tie in with the musical aspect of the story. Great picks *glomps*

  5. Oh Yes! I really need to get to Rockoholic! I've had it on my nook forever now! And I totally agree with you on I am Number Four and the rest of the books in that series! They are kind of boring! But the stories are awesome :)

    Amazing list my wonderful friend! *LOTS OF HUGS 'CAUSE I MISS YOU*

    1. *more hugs because I miss you more*

      I agree I Am Number Four is awesome but the cover bleh

  6. Totally agree on Eternity Cure! I'm not the biggest fan of it, because I don't think it portrays the story very well. And I haven't read Sweet Thing yet, so I can't judge, but good Lord that books has had a lot of covers. LOL. Haven't read the other books either, but I agree- they could do with a coverlift.


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