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Book Review: Wasted Heart (Ruining #3) by: Nicole Reed

Release Date: October 22, 2013
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
"“Who are you?”

The image in the mirror staring back at me feigns disinterest.

Rock star? Recovering addict? Murderer?

How can you explain to someone what it’s like not to care? Not about yourself or the person standing next to you. I’ve lost that, the ability to feel and show affection. I do, however, have a heart. Sometimes, when I chase the dragon, it thunders through my head like a drum, reminding me it still beats. It’s still there.

Hollow.​ Empty.​ Wasted.

My agent says I have one more shot. A single, solitary chance to stay in the music biz, but there is one massive problem. HER.

***This is a stand-alone book. It is a spin-off from the Ruining Series; however, you do not have to read the series to read Rhye's story."

My Thoughts:

So let me start by saying that this is definitely my least favorite of all of Nicole’s books, it was still a great read, but for me this one just didn’t get under my skin the same way her others did. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, from beginning to end, but Ruining You remains my favorite. I liked getting in Rhye’s head and getting his story, but there were a lot of moments where I wanted to physically hurt him. I did however, love getting to see some of my favorites characters from Ruining Me and Ruining You again, *coughKANEcough*, even if it was very brief.

Rhye, I’m not going to lie, I struggled with him at times during this book. I really wanted to smack him with his own damn book at times! He made so many bad decisions and I wanted him to just pull it together and be the guy I knew he could be. It hurt my soul to see what had become of him since we last saw him in Ruining You. We were left with the impression that he went off to make his life better, but really his life spiraled out of control. I love him and my heart broke for him, but I found it very hard to forgive some of the things he did.

Then we have Syn who is a good girl through and through. She has a serious case of insta-love when it comes to Rhye. She is immediately attracted to him and feels like she knows him. I don’t know why she pretty much fell in love with him immediately, but once I got on board with it, I came to love their relationship. She is exactly what Rhye needs. She pushes him without pushing him too far. She takes his crap but doesn’t let him walk all over her. She fights for him and that is what he needed.

I really liked the whole music aspect to the story, because it was more than just “oh yeah Rhye is a rock god.” You really get to see how much both Rhye and Syn love music and that it is really a huge part of their life. It was interesting to see Rhye fall back in love with music and let it start to bring him back to himself; with some help from Syn of course.

All in all, Wasted Heart was a good read, even if Rhye needed to be smacked upside the head a few times. Nicole Reed fans are sure to enjoy this one.


  1. Awww, poor Rhye! I feel as though I need to save him from himself and from all your smacking -- hahaha! He's already pulling at my heart strings with his bad decisions; and although this isn't your favorite Nicole Reed book, it still sounds like a great read! First, I will have to meet this Kane, though!! An awesome and insightful review, wifey! *Smoosh*

    1. It is a great read! But Kane is my favorite! You do need to save Rhye from himself, but not my smacking! The smacking helps, I promise... he needs sense knocked into him lol

  2. I haven't heard of this series :( Sad this one was the least fav of yours out of her other books. But it's good you did still enjoy it! I know what you mean when you encounter a character you just want to smack!! *sigh* I might have to give Nicole Reed a chance! :)

    Great review!!

  3. The music aspect is very intriguing to me!

  4. Don't know this series but I sometimes do like to throw the book at the character. Hehe. Great review.

  5. I haven't read any of Nicole's books, but since you speak so highly of the first two, I'll have to check them out! I'm sorry this one didn't quite do it for you, but glad you still were able to enjoy it for what it was. I just finished reading a book where I wanted to throw the book at the male lead myself. LOL.

  6. I'm sorry Wasted Heart wasn't as moving as Nicole's Ruining books, Teresa. But then, it wasn't starring Kane. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it though despite wanting to hurt is frustrating when a character is making such poor decisions. I am happy to know music plays such an important role, though. It seems like that added a lot. Super review!

  7. Hmmm...I'm glad you liked this, even though you has issues. I really need to give the original series a TDG.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great review! I am definitely intrigued about this series. I haven't heard of it before but you've never steered me wrong before :-) Definitely checking it out!


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