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Blogger Interview: Jessica from Lovin' Los Libros

This is a feature I decided to start doing since I figure it is a fun way to get to know other bloggers and maybe help some people find some new awesome blogs to follow. Today I had the pleasure to interview one of my very favorite bloggers Jessica from Lovin' Los Libros.

Lovin' Los Libros

Hey Jessica! Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by the blog today! I’m bouncing with giddiness! *bounces*
Thanks for having me friend!!! :D This was a huge deal for you to ask me! 

As you are a book blogger, I feel I should ask what made you first fall in love with reading? 
Oh, gosh. I’ve always loved to read- I can’t remember a time when I didn’t! My parents always brought me to the library as a kid and I just became hooked! As an elementary/middle schooler I became obsessed with series like Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High- I read every one of those books!

*OMG I used to love Baby Sitters Club!*
What prompted you to start your book blog?
I stopped reading for a long time (I became a hardcore video gamer instead, LOL.) Last year I wasn’t so into the gaming (breaking up with my ex helped kick that) and decided to start reading again. My students kept raving about The Hunger Games so I decided to pick them up. After that- I was HOOKED again! I started reading SO many books that I decided to start a blog as a way for me to remember and keep track of what I’d read!

Favorite book, or books, or favorite book of the moment haha? List as many as you want!
Crap. Ok. Uh. Well, favorite books include: Defiance by C.J. Redwine, The Shade series by Jeri Smith-Ready, The Fate series by Heather Lyons, Incarnate by Jodi Meadows. As for new favorites- I just read and loved Stir Me Up by Sabrina Elkins, The Darkest Part by Trisha Wolfe, A Tale of Two Centuries by Rachel Harris, Just Breathe by Rachel Brookes, and Finders Keepers by Nicole Williams. There are so many more- but I’ll stop here.

*oh how I love your answer! So many of those books are favorites of mine too!*
What is your favorite part of blogging?
I love connecting with authors and helping to promote their work. If I can get just one person to buy an author’s book I loved- it makes me all kinds of excited. Also- The community. Without a doubt- I have met so many awesome people through blogging and I talk to some of them on Twitter more than I do actual people I’ve met face to face. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What is one book you absolutely love but probably never would have read were it not for blogging?
I don’t know that I would have heard of Heather Lyons’ The Fate Series if it weren’t for blogging and working with InkSlingerPR. I love Heather and her books to death, so I’m glad blogging led me to this series in particular.

I tend to get attached to my posts and there are certain reviews I just pour my heart into. Is there a certain post on your blog that you would consider your favorite or just love?
I am really attached to my Music Monday posts. I prefer to read with music playing- sometimes the perfect song will come on and reflect a scene I’m reading and it makes it even more powerful. Then every time I hear that song I think of that book! 

Okay now it is time for the silly question portion of the interview. You are stuck on a deserted island and you can only have one book with you, what do you want it to be?
DANG. ONE?! CRUEL. Ok… Um. Divergent by Veronica Roth. Give me some Four action any day! 

*Oh Four sigh*
While on this deserted island, a plane crashes and one guy comes stumbling out. Which book boyfriend do you hope it is?
This was an extremely unfair question. You KNOW I have a million book boyfriends. Sigh. Dean Holder.

*giggles, yeah that question was pretty mean, but you made a lovely choice*
Cash Davenport or Nash Davenport? Cash girl all the way!

Jonah Whitecomb or Kellan Whitecomb? Oh my freaking heart. Jonah. 

In the choice between a cherry slushee and a blue slushee, which one do you go for? Cherry!

You can go on a vacation tomorrow, anywhere you want, where do you want to go? 
New Zealand. I’ve always wanted to go ever since seeing Lord of the Rings. LOL. 

What are some of your favorite blogs to follow? 
Oh so many! Besides stalking yours on a daily basis-
There are more, but these are the ones I am always peeking at constantly!

Thanks for stopping by Jessica! It was oodles of fun having you on the blog today!
Thanks girl! *tackle hugs* This was great!!!


  1. This post is filled with so much AWESOME!! Jessica, you rock hardcore! Also fangirling over some of your answers! Four all the way!! And Dean! Dean Holder *happy sigh*

    I also went through a period when I became a big gamer! I guess I got stuck in a book rut, so I got into gaming :) but I got back into reading, too!

    And I'm one of the blogs :) *fan girls*

    Teresa, I love this post so much! I love both you girls! *tackle hugs* *throws candy * :D

    1. <3 <3 <3 Thanks Magen! That is awesome to find out you were a gamer! I love learning new things about you guys!

  2. YAY! I love this! And PINK! Is my favorite color. :D Thank you again for featuring me!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Great interview! I heart Jessica! You know I do girl :-) Hunger Games was the book that got me back into reading after a hiatus too. I love so many of the books you mentioned too (and the book boyfriends) though I have to say I am kinda Team Kellan. Great post Teresa! You're awesome!

  4. What a fun interview! I read Babysitter Club and Sweet Valley, too! (Jessica was sooooo selfish!) oh, and thanks so much for the mention!

    GREAT questions, Teresa!

  5. Oh, I love your blogger interviews. This was a great interview with Jessica. I like her blog too! And I'm thinking I have a few (many) more books to check out! LOL I didn't know some of the books on y'alls favorites list. And I think I'm missing out on some fine book boyfriends, too! LOL

  6. Aww thanks for the mention Jess! What a fun interview! I have always wanted to go to New Zealand too and ALSO because of the LOTR movies! haha. And I read all the babysitter club and sweet valley books!!! Loved them!! and... *sigh* Four. Theo James. Love. =)

  7. I'm loving these blogger interviews, wifey!! Jessica sounds great -- she pretty much had me with music, Four, and Holder. Yeah -- she rocks. Great job, ladies!!

    1. haha yeah... I though you would appreciate her answers

  8. My first question; what if the slushy is blue cherry? THEN WHAT?

    Great interview! I loved Incarnate by Jodi Meadow too!

    1. lmao! That is an excellent question! If it is blue cherry then everything is solved and we get the best of both worlds


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