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Book Review: All Of You (Between Breaths #1) by: Christina Lee

Release Date: September 17, 2013
from Intermix
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review
"Avery has just met her hot upstairs neighbor. He's irresistible. Tattooed. And a virgin.

Nursing student Avery Michaels wants nothing to do with dating—she's perfectly happy single. Privy to too many of her mother's bad decisions and even worse taste in boyfriends, all Avery can handle is a string of uncomplicated hookups whenever the mood strikes.

When she meets smoking hot tattoo artist Bennett, she wants him—for just one night. But he won't accept a no-strings-attached arrangement. He lives by a straight-laced code of values based on his own troubled upbringing.

Bennett sees something special in Avery and he wants more from her. Way more. As Avery wrestles with her emotions for Bennett, danger and tragedy force them to open up to each other. And Avery must face the terrifying realization that she wants more from him, too.

So she needs to make a choice—let Bennett go or finally let him in."

My Thoughts:

The moment I read the synopsis for this one, I just knew I had to read it. It sounded like my kind of read and I was correct in that assumption. This book was everything I love about New Adult and more. The characters worked their way into my heart. I laughed and cried and my heart broke for the characters.

Avery has had a rough past. Between a Mother that doesn’t care and a terrible incident, she isn’t the girl she once was. She is closed off and doesn’t let anyone in. However at the same time, she is incredibly strong. She takes care of her brother and is determined to make something of her life. 

Now what would this review be without the love interest. I loved Bennett! Bennett has had a rough past as well, in some ways it is very similar to Avery’s. However both reacted very differently to their circumstances and these differences are what cause problems between the two. Bennett wants to know Avery, but Avery doesn’t let people in. What I loved about Bennett is that he is a genuinely good guy. He isn’t a reformed player or anything like that, but he does have his bad streak. He has his tattoos and works as a tattoo artist. So I guess you could say he combines what we love about the bad boys with what we love about the good guys. I’ve said it before, but I truly love when the hero is a good guy. 

Some other characters I need to mention are Ella and Mrs. Jackson. Ella is an amazing friend and the kind of friend every girl should have. She calls Avery on her crap, but is always there when she is most needed. I also love that they constantly call each other names. Mrs. Jackson is another amazing character. I loved how she saw right through Avery and always knew just what to say. 

The plot in All Of You is what we have come to expect from a New Adult read, except we find out in the first few pages what caused Avery to become closed off. It’s interesting to read the story knowing this. Basically we get to watch Avery learn to trust and open up and of course make mistakes along the way. Even with the typical New Adult elements, the story is addictive. I was able to predict some events, but I was glued to the pages regardless. 

All Of You is a read any New Adult fan will enjoy. The plot is addictive and the characters easy to love. It is one I would recommend to fans of Wait For You and Lost and Found.


  1. This pretty much goes under typical NA novel. There is always good girl and bad boy and virgins. At least it's a boy here.:)

  2. Oh, I'll be reading this one in a couple weeks. I love that we find out Avery's secret early on, which is def a change of pace from all the other NA's who like to hold out until the last possible moment, lol. Great review!

    AKA Vi3tBabe
    Deity Island

  3. I think that I too will like Bennet and Avery and story overall

  4. Oh, this sounds amazing, Teresa. I really love watching NA characters grow, mature, and make their mistakes...and it sounds like All of You delivers on that. Thanks for adding to my TBR. ;)

  5. Yay! Great review Teresa! I'll be reading this one soon! I'm so excited for Bennett and Avery now!

  6. Yay! You know I'm gonna need this book, Teresa! It sounds like a fabulous New Adult that stands out.
    Great review, doll!

    1. Yes! You will love this one, I have no doubts. Bennett is such a sweetie!

  7. OH! I'm so glad you loved this one!!!!!

  8. You're killing meeeee! I want this one, too! This really does sound like everything we adore in the NA genre! I want to meet Bennett! Fabulous review, wifey <3


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